Comic update and circle lense review (wha?)

Hi everyone! I’m back with a two page update since I missed last weeks update. I’ve been working hard at trying to get everything draw up and ready for the printers. I have only 36 or so comic pages left to ink in before all of volume 2 is draw up! I will also be able to start working on updating the online store and make arrangements for all of my local and overseas audience to order their own copy! I’ll keep everyone posted on that!

Now since there isn’t much new going on (only comic pages and artwork over here^^;) I decided to do a fun little review today! I ordered some circle lens about a few weeks back I’ve always been a little weary of buying colored contacts because I wasn’t sure how natural it would look and since there weren’t a lot of model pictures of others with my skin tone wearing the lens I couldn’t really judge it too well for myself. I ended up seeing a really good video of a woman with complexion a little similar to mine just lighter and the lens she was wearing looked really pretty so I went ahead and ordered me one pair. This is my first time trying out circle lenses, I had to get used to the feel of them in my eyes and I do experience my eyes getting dryer faster then my regular lenses (I have acvues and my eyes get a little dry with those ones as well, I think I just have dry eyes, I don’t know if it’s because of my bels palsy after I had the kids or if they’ve always been that way ^^;)  my base curve is 8.4 and there aren’t’ really that many colored contacts with that base curve, for circle lenses they’re usually 8.6 but after a little while of wearing them I get use to it and it’s not too bad, I only wear the for a few hours anyways. I wanted to save this review for my beauty blog that I want to put together later but I thought, why not share it now to sort of beef up this blog update, hope you all enjoy! <3

Circle Lenses Review: Geo Nudy Brown 

nudy-cirlce-lens                                      (Not for seller use. Please do not re-post without permission)

Lenses: Geo Nudy Brown from
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
Replacement Period: 12 months

Natural Eye Col0r:

natural eyes(Not for seller use. Please do not re-post without permission)

Natural Sunlight:

 nudy-brown1(Not for seller use. Please do not re-post without permission)
 nudy-brown2(Not for seller use. Please do not re-post without permission)

Indoor lighting:

indoor-nudy(Not for seller use. Please do not re-post without permission)

Far Shots:

(Not for seller use. Please do not re-post without permission)

Different Day different Hair Style ^^

nudy-2(Not for seller use. Please do not re-post without permission)
Color/Design 9/10: The contact is called Geo Nudy Brown and the contact a lone does look brown but when I put them on they make my eyes look grey, which for me is fine because this is something I knew before I bought them ^^ On others it actually does look more hazel brown then greyish but on me it looks grey… strange ^^; My eyes are dark brown color.
Enlargement 10/10: I’m still learning about the effects of different diameter sizes but I really like how the 14mm looks. It’s not that much bigger then my natural eye but it still gives a little bit of an enlargement effect.
Comfort 8/10: Just like I said above, since my base curve is 8.4 and these are 8.6 it felt like I was wearing contacts but I ended up not noticing it after having them in for a little bit. I also did have some dry eye issues  but other then that these contacts weren’t so bad. I don’t plan on wearing them for extended periods of time ^^;
Overall:I really love these lenses and I will definitely buy more of these brand. I already have my eyes on another set that I want to try out. Now some might not like the pixiclation that they have in the design but it wasn’t too noticeable for me so I don’t mind. These are my go to contacts if I want to gussy myself up a little ^^


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June 21, 2014

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  1. Looks great!!! So funny you mention the complication, I was looking at color contacts at my last eye exam. It was an emerald hazel or something. AAmbyreBut never got a pair because the only pics I saw were of really light-skinned or white people lol didn’t want to take a chance in case it didn’t look right…… But the color you chose is a wonderful highlight but very natural looking. Go girl!!!

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