Artist shout out post and comic update

Hi everyone! We’re back again today with another comic update and also I wanted to do a shout out to my little cousin and her not giving up on drawing! My mom sent me a text of some of my cousins artwork and I’m so proud of her!

I’ve seen a lot of young artist put down their drawing pencils a lot of times because of the stress of life or loss of interest but I hope that I can still be an inspiration for my little cousin to keep on drawing and expressing herself through her art. Since she lives in Texas I’m going to try to see if I can get accepted in one of the Artist Alley’s down there so that I can bring her with me to the comic conventions. It’s so hard for me to find a convention and turn in an application in time because you usually have to apply a year in advance ^^; That’s why right when anime Expo ends in July I’m totally jumping on fast for that artist alley application and hopefully I get accepted <3

My next little shout out is to one of my old friend Yen, back during my 6th or 7th grade school year! She sent me an adorable gift of her little sisters polymer clay work and you guys these look so amazing!!! My daughter was trying to take these away from me when she saw them but I’m going to keep them at a nice safe distance from her because these are all so cute and they look so real that you want to bite them! She definitely deserves a big shout out!! If I remember correctly I think during my senior year of high school I was helping out as a teachers aid in her freshmen or sophomore art class. I remember her getting on her self about her artwork and grades and I’d be sitting there like “Girl your awesome, what’chu talkin’ bout!?”

Here’s her instagram and her online store where you guys can check out her work and order your own yummy little sparkles of awesomness!!

Both Yen and her sisters are so funny and awesome and I’m so happy to see that she’s still doing her art and I was even more shocked to find out that Yen had kept some artwork that I drew for her about 13+ years ago! XD

I might not have had a lot of influences or a mentor to go to for help with my art when I was younger but I do appreciate the support and common interest that I had with my friends in school, I could basically count all of my friends on one hand XD I was very anti-social but you couldn’t tell because I spoke so loudly when talking to others and me and my sisters had a track record of getting into fights in our neighborhood, granted that’s a whole other sad story because of neighborhood bullying but moving to new areas and dealing with a sort of culture shock brings out the fight or flight in you and you either had to stand up and protect yourself or be beat down and humiliated every day, I learned how to have a low profile from watching my sisters but if my sisters where getting in a fight I’d jump right in to do my best to protect them. I personally don’t like fights or confrontation because there’s a point that you can get to the edge and eventually snapping and going all out and the consequences of that is too hard to bare so I stay away from things like that. It’s best to be safe then sorry. Boy this talk brings back some upsetting memories so let’s change this tune back to something happy (I seriously hated school and I still do XD)

As for updates on Mr. Charleston he has now gotten to the point of taking away my bathroom privacy, I can no longer be alone to use the potty because he’s in there hoping around and being nosy, he still isn’t interested in being petted but he is starting to learn the command come here and that’s usually because I end up giving him treats when I say that.

He is very clumsy and has fallen down or rolled on top of my husband from his perch on the couch and he’s extremely bossy with how he nudges us to move from a certain spot. On the 15th of June that means he has been with us for 1 month now and he’s getting more and more used to us, now instead of sleeping or hiding in the corner of his rabbit condo he wants to see what were doing and sits closer to the front door and even begs to be let out when we get up in the morning. He’s my goofy little temperamental rabbit XD

The little photobomber!

Comic Updated Bunny report <3

June 13, 2015

Comic updated and bunny pictures!

June 13, 2015

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  1. So awesome! I love the magnets they look good enough to eat! And the drawings are fantastic! Good luck with that artist alley thing! I totes hope you get the chance to do it (and of course tell us all about it ^^). I’m glad your bunny is getting used to the family now 🙂

  2. So cuuuuuuute!! They’re all so very talented! I wish the best for your cousin and I hope she enjoys the Artist’s Journey ^_^ ……. about your bunny, hopefully he’s only clumsy when playing on the couch? I read about some pretty gnarly diseases for house rabbits, where the symptoms are clumsiness, rolling around and tilting their head a lot. Vet visits are costly, So I’d say call ask a few questions if these are things he does a lot. But I hope he doesn’t!

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