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Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that the comic has been updated and I also wanted to share a little update on how Mr. Charleston is doing and my failed attempts at trying to make macarons XD but before I get into that I did want to let you all know that they did find another tumor in my mom and I’m hoping and praying that they don’t come back anymore but so far with the type of cancer that she has these tumors continue to pop up and take a toll on her body. Please keep her in your prayers that she’ll get better soon.

To help keep my mood up I’ve been keeping myself busy with trying to get Mr. Charleston more tame. He’s now more comfortable with my husband now and he doesn’t thump at him anymore when he is standing up around him. I’ve tried to have the kids sit down with him but they get so stiff and scared that he ends up getting scared and starts thumping his foot I guess to warn us of danger….though there wasn’t any danger but since he saw them so scared it made him scared ^^; The kids are still very interested in Mr. Charleston and even try to sneak to his cage when I’m not paying attention but I have to keep telling them that he’s not ready for them yet and from how scared they acted when he would jump on the chair next to them they aren’t ready for him either.

I’m happy to see that he’s getting more and more comfortable with me and my husband at least, usually when the kids are downstairs he goes and chills in his cage until they are upstairs and then he’ll come out and bink and do his 500’s dash around the couch or just jump and lay down beside my feet.

I’m happy that he’s starting to lay next to me more because with everything that’s been going on with my mom’s health I’ve been having nights to where I would sit up and just cry or I’d feel emotionally drained and alone and I’d end up taking a nap and I would wake up to him laying near by my feet also napping or close by my legs. He lets me pet him a little bit when I’m giving him his treats but other then that he still isn’t big on us petting him. Sometimes he’ll nudge our hand away or move away from us when we try to pet him but he will climb on us or nudge our arms or backside if we’re in the way, so at least he’s curious about us…..just not interested in the petting just yet XD

I also tried my hand at making macaron’s. I found a chocolate recipe and my first attempt they turned out ugly looking but they did taste yummy, my husband and kids really liked them so I’ll keep working on perfecting these. Since they’re high in calories because of the amount of sugar I have to use I can just take my fat fighter to handle the extra carbs and have 1 or 2 as a tiny cheat without having to worry about it messing up my routine, I’ve read about others taking the fat fighters to help with their blood sugar regulations so it’s a win-win for me <3 I can have my cookie and eat it too XD Of course all in moderation don’t worry, it’s good to just have fun and enjoy food without feeling bad about it right? I need to order more soon and more thermofit because I’m almost out ^^;

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  1. I’m glad that Mr. Charleston is comforting you. I’m praying for your mom and I hope she gets better.

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