*Decided now Thank you everyone~*

EDIT:Thank you everyone for your help. I’ll go ahead and go with illustration 1 for the banner^^

Okay I wanted to do a new illustration for a featured rotating banner for my new site layout but I can’t decided which rough draft illustration I should have as the banner….
So I’m going to go ahead and post up the rough draft images here to see what you guys think of which one looks more interesting for a sliding banner.
I also plan on working on these later today once I get my kids settled in and not screaming and fighting. I want to start doing livestreams every Saturday morning but my kids keep getting in these scream bloody Mary fits and fighting and I don’t think I want to traumatize you all with that noise. I also want to do some comment doodling because a lot of the comments some of you have made really made me laugh and made me want to doddle some of them up so keep your eyes peeled today ^^
Let me know what you guys think.

  • Illustration #1: Here they are listening to music and Jae-hwa is enjoying the closeness while Oriana is more focused on trying to read the Hangul on the music player to get to the next song. Technology and Oriana don’t mix well at all. She still has trouble trying to send a text and even understanding text language.



  • Illustration #2:This one is during a photoshoot for their show they will both be in called Love! Love! Fighting! and today’s concept is husband and wife’s first date kiss. Jae-hwa’s all for the concept and says that it’s just pretend while Oriana is not having it. She refuses to have any of her kisses treated like something so small. So right before the kiss she pokes his cheeks together and shakes his head no while he tries to bribe her with flowers.

Weekly Update *Visual novel Script Done*

September 8, 2012

Weekly Update**I made {G}Kimbap!....and failed....

September 8, 2012

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  1. sorry I meant reading your comic ( I suck at English)

  2. I am completely new here, but I have been following your comic and I absolutely adore it (especially Oriana). I read everything especially the old chapters. Now back to business…… first one won me over. It really does show the romance between each other.

    • Thank you for reading all of those pages =D I’m really glad that you’re enjoying the comic even with all of the past errors that I made in the old chapter One ^^; I hope that I corrected some of them in the new chapter one but either way I’m very grateful that you took the time to read all of that and still enjoy it.
      It looks like number 1 has won by a land slide hahaha! Thank you for voting^^

  3. I vote for first one. :3 You can feel the love. I would also like to ask if its ok to maybe animate some of your characters as practice. You see I’m an animation student and lately I’ve been in a terrible funk and need to get my mind off life for a little while. I would also like to ask if I can advertise your comic on DA or Tumblr again because I think you would get a lot more viewers that way because I want to see this comic succeed as much as possible. I just really love your comic so much that I want to do all these projects for it and see it succeed and be big one day. I mean its not everyday you find a comic that’s geared towards bigger women of color. I don’t know. I feel that I should ask your permission before doing this stuff so you don’t get mad. Also have you ever thought of going to a convention? Or is it more of a wait and see how things go kind of situation?

    • Lina Thank you so much for asking and for even wanting to do all of that. I never thought that anyone would like my little comic story so much when I first did it for a contest, nor did I expect this much feedback from it so I’m more than happy to give you permission to advertise my comic. I’d also love to see what you come up with as an animation. I know how tedious and redundant animation can be so it definitely takes a lot of work and dedication but if you really want to do it to help relax your mind then feel free to do so, just don’t forget to let me see how it looks even if you think it’s not good I still want to be able to show my family and post it up on my fan art page!
      Also for the conventions, I was thinking about going but right now it’s more so a wait and see kind of thing. With three toddlers and low income and a lack of trustworthy people to babysit for three full days, my hands are a little tied. Though I think that over time when I get enough of the story done and a big enough following then I might try to pop in to the conventions nearby to test the waters.
      Also do you mind if I ask for your DA and tumblr url? I’d love to check out your portfolio! I really enjoy looking through art as a past time to help me unwind.

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