*Decided now Thank you everyone~*

EDIT:Thank you everyone for your help. I’ll go ahead and go with illustration 1 for the banner^^

Okay I wanted to do a new illustration for a featured rotating banner for my new site layout but I can’t decided which rough draft illustration I should have as the banner….
So I’m going to go ahead and post up the rough draft images here to see what you guys think of which one looks more interesting for a sliding banner.
I also plan on working on these later today once I get my kids settled in and not screaming and fighting. I want to start doing livestreams every Saturday morning but my kids keep getting in these scream bloody Mary fits and fighting and I don’t think I want to traumatize you all with that noise. I also want to do some comment doodling because a lot of the comments some of you have made really made me laugh and made me want to doddle some of them up so keep your eyes peeled today ^^
Let me know what you guys think.

  • Illustration #1: Here they are listening to music and Jae-hwa is enjoying the closeness while Oriana is more focused on trying to read the Hangul on the music player to get to the next song. Technology and Oriana don’t mix well at all. She still has trouble trying to send a text and even understanding text language.



  • Illustration #2:This one is during a photoshoot for their show they will both be in called Love! Love! Fighting! and today’s concept is husband and wife’s first date kiss. Jae-hwa’s all for the concept and says that it’s just pretend while Oriana is not having it. She refuses to have any of her kisses treated like something so small. So right before the kiss she pokes his cheeks together and shakes his head no while he tries to bribe her with flowers.

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September 8, 2012

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September 8, 2012

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  1. Hmm… this is a tough choice. Both concepts are eye-catching and fun! The first one would make a great banner. I agree with DarkSuductress that the closeness between Jae-hwa and Oriana is the first thing that captures one’s attention and heart. The second illustration would be a great introduction for a cute mini-comic that comes as a bonus at the end of a volume. It would be great incentive. *hint hint* :]
    Keep up the awesome work with the comics and visual novel. I’m looking forward to more of your works and the new site layout. 😀

    • Ohhhhh~ ;D Hint recieved.
      I don’t know why I didn’t think about that as an incentive. Thank you that’s a great idea.

  2. My heart picks the first but my brain picks the second . I’m going with the first ! ! ! XD There is something about the first that just takes my breath away . I have no clue what it is but it’s such a pretty picture ! Yeap ! DEFINETLY the first ! XD

    • That’s 2 votes for the first one now. Looks like I’ll go ahead and start working on that one for the banner. Sara was telling me that it was the closeness in the picture that makes it look more affectionate. My kids are so loud right now I can’t even concentrate on what I’m typing TT^TT but I think it’s also how close they’re standing and the fact that we know a little bit about how Oriana doesn’t just let anyone touch her or stand that close to her. So for her to let Jae-hwa stand that close with out her anti-skin-ship radar going off shows how they’re slowly getting closer to each other.

  3. i am sara. remember. i bet u dont remember, since i m sure u get lots of comments…hahha. i m the girl who thought love!love!fighting! is over and was searching pages to read again and was so glad that the story is continued. i m the girl who said, who is a big girl, with curly hair. !P do u know that i m having so much fun reading ur manga. i m actually always so curious on friday to see ur new page. u have no idea how i felt about the end of the story when jae-hwa says that fruits taste different and there is no best and worst. i was like “:(…i want THIIIS GUUUUY. i need to know what happens next…i need to know.”even though i love to read naruto, bleach, watch korean series (goong, coffee prince, boys over flowers) and some taiwaness but in this manga, i feel more excited and more different. i dont know how to explain…hahah. i m very sure, the reason is cuz no one made a story about a guy loving a big girl. really, i always see those idiotic films, mangas about a big girl has become skinny and blablabla…god, they are really annoying! not every skinny girl is attractive. we haven seen them so many times.

    • Please forgive me Sara I had a total brain fart there Q^Q I remember you having your name a Sara but when I saw the new name next to the same icon I thought that maybe this was your real name TT^TT Please forgive me I do remember you. I even told my husband and mom about just about all of your sweet and funny comments! I really enjoy reading your comments and my mind did an utter fail in getting your name mixed up. I feel bad now :C I hope I didn’t offend you~

      • sharean, stop saying “please, forgive me”there is no way, i d forgive u…joking…hahah. i wasnt expecting u to remember me. i just wanted to tell u. i think i wrote in a wrong way by saying “remember me”. i should have said, do u know, i m sara or something like that. hihi. u didnt offend me at all. i didnt have in my mind that u must remember everything. to be honest. i m kind of a girl, who forgets fast, so if i had like 20 comments, i d forget…hahah.

        • Hahahahaha! When I first read this my heart dropped a little but then I read the next line and I laughed and said “That all sucks!” You can definitely rest assure that I remember all of my regular commenter’s. I think the thing that might throw me off is when the icon is the same but the name at the top is different then it’s that awkward moment where I’m like I think I know who that is but now I’m not so sure O.O
          Since the story and the site is still so new I really appreciate all the comments that I get and they all have a really big affect on me so I can’t help but remember everyone right now 😀 I think the main thing that helps me remember everyone is that when I’m feeling down or in a funky mood I go back and read over the comments again and that also helps me to remember just about all of you. Even though I don’t have that big of an audience I really enjoy the size of it right now. I don’t get too many comments to where I can’t remember anyone but I don’t get too few to where my site feels like a ghost town. There is definitely a certain group of you all who I can always count on seeing a comment from whenever I update and it makes me so happy because you all don’t have to take the time out to leave me a comment at all TT^TT
          Also before I forget again Would you happen to be the one who left a comment on my old mangabullet account? I remember that one really well because they seemed really sad about me closing my DA account ^^; I’m glad that they were able to find my site though. I just still don’t know who it was though ^^;

        • yes, it is me. i was really upset…hahah. i remember well that i said that i m soo happy to have found a new site. i was actually looking in internet to read love!love!fighting! from deviantart again since i miss it and then i found another chapter and i was like “what the hell? there is a new chapter? where the hell have i been?”…it was already in april and i just found out a new chapter in mangabullet in july. hahha. i was REALLY SUPER HAPPY. did u know after i read ur manga in deviant. i was like “i m sure, there is a continued story…THERE GOTTA BE EVEN IF THERE ISNT”…hahha…i kept searching and searching and then eventually i had to accept, it s the end even i hate open end…totally hate it cuz u know, u r so full of imaginations and want to see it in films or mangas and not in ur brain…:P

        • Well I’m very glad that you’re able to find the story/site again. I hate open ended stories too. Especially when you don’t really get the closer you were looking for. Thank you again Sara for liking the story so much to go out of your way to search for it. I didn’t think that my story would be liked this much, even now I’m still shocked by all the feedback and really appreciate it^^

  4. THE FIRST! FIRST! FIRST!i really love the first than the second. in the first illustration, u feel the romance from jae-hwa. i just simply feel the love from them even if oriana is not paying any attention. i believe closeness is what makes u feel the love. only when someone get s near u, u feel the tension. so i can feel him falling in love with her. the second illustration is cool and funny but when i saw both ilustrations, i felt something from the first one. i felt “damn, i want those nearness”

    • Hahaha! Thank you Seviron! I felt that the first one had something a little special too it but I wasn’t sure if that was just my imagination ^^;


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