Weekly Update**I made {G}Kimbap!….and failed….

Weekly Update**I made {G}Kimbap!….and failed….

Illustration Update:

I have the next part of the illustration finished. The next step is to ink it all in. I was trying to get a livestream started but it’s not working out…..what I’ll probably do is make a progress video and just post those on my site. I just have to find a good screen recorder program for my computer. It’s a macbook pro but it has bootcamp on it so I can use windows 7.

I also found some really helpful art tutorials but I wasn’t sure how many of you would be interested. I plan on adding a tutorial link to the website once I get the new design finished but for now I’ll wait to add a poll about interesting tutorials and I’ll just post up some of the tutorials that I think might be helpful.

Here is the cleaned up version of it below. The rest of the post has a bit of mommy diary rant time in it so if you’re interested continue to the bottom ^.^

Mommy Diary update:

Once I get the new layout up I want to start posting back up the mommy diary 4-koma manga strips. A lot of interesting things that I want to draw happen around me and I think that you guys might find some of the things funny too^^

Okay I’ll have to post up the pictures of my failed attempt at making kimbap/Gimbap later. I kept watching all of these variety shows where they’re eating yummy looking food and I remembered my sister giving up some of her what I believe was some kind of sushi but I think she told me it was Korean and it tasted really good, so I wanted  to give it a try…..needless to say it tasted horrible Q^Q

I had a few angry moments while preparing the dish. Like first cutting carrots in the juline style so so crazy HARD! I have a small hatred of carrots now. The sad thing is that the cucumbers gave me a hard time as well and I think it’s because of the round shape and when I cut it the cucumber kept some oval hard to balance and cut it at the same time. I’ve also found out that my son hates carrots so my husband wanted to see if he could get him to go all the way up to his room by offering him a carrot. When my son doesn’t want something he backs up from it and covers his head while whining so my husband got him to whine and back all the way up the stairs to his room….I think if I illustrated it would make more sense but I’ll have to do that later.

Anyways back to the kimbap. I was able to the pickled radish okay but it looked a lot easier in the video I was watching but the thing that scared me was the warning on the side of the package that I didn’t notice at the time of buying it. It said something like there was an ingredient in the pickled radish that was tested on animals and caused cancer……..so I threw the rest of it away and was kind of kicking myself for wasting money on getting all of the ingredient .

So in the end the first try my knife was not sharp enough and I didn’t roll it tight enough so my kimbap fell apart. The second time my seaweed tasted really nasty because some water got on it and my husband hated the smell of sesame seed oil that was emanating around the house. We had to throw it outside.

I also decided to try one of those bean paste bun things because so many people kept going on about how good it tasted but since the whole bubble tea incident I didn’t really trust people when they would rant and rave about all of those cute looking asian dishes. FYI I didn’t like the drink it tasted too sweet like plastic sweet, others love bubble tea, I hate it.

Now the red bean paste bun tasted….sweet but not the kind of sweet that I like but a grain textured sweet and the rice cake around it looked like it was fun to play with but I didn’t like how that tasted either. It tasted like raw dough….I’m not sure if that’s what it is but I decided to go ahead and try something new and eat it. My daughter liked it but I couldn’t bare watching her eat anymore and threw the rest away…=.= bad mommy yes but I couldn’t even swallow the rice bean paste cake thing so it was hard watching her eat it.

I still have a bag of vegetable dumplings and some Korean style ramen noodles in my kitchen but I’m really scared to try it so I might give it to my sister to see what there response is. Just for giggles =D

*Decided now Thank you everyone~*

September 17, 2012

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September 17, 2012