Ch 4 Updated plus off to or at Anime Iowa ^^;

Today I had to do an automated update so hopefully this is working correctly ^^ But I should be at Anime Iowa right now, though I wanted to make sure I kept my site up to date so here is the automated update~YAY! I’ll make sure to post up a report once I get back and after I wake up from my after day con sleepies ^^;

Edit: I finally received my table number information so if any of you are going to Anime Iowa I will be tabling at 39 , I believe it will be right across from fast food anime ^^; I really have no clue if that table really is about snacks or if that’s just a nifty name for them but we’ll have to look and find out <D Also I found a restaurant that sells Korean food so I plan on hitting that place up before going over to the convention. I want to do a little 4-koma comic about my reactions to this new and intersting food ^^ I’m so excited to try it out so I’ll make sure to take some pictures of that as well! This is going to be so exciting! Also for Friday I went ahead and designed to dress up as a princess so I’ll be the black chick walking around with tri-color curls *blond, brown and black* and the baby blue dress on Friday. On Saturday I won’t be cosplaying as anything because that’s going to be a super long and busy day. Eeeeee~ >< I’m so excited! Let me stop and get back to work! I’ll be back later with another update. Thank you everyone for your support, I also have some more exciting news but I’ll hold off from that later ;D


Ch 4 Updated *YAY*~

July 26, 2013

Anime Iowa 2013 Recap and Page 16 update

July 26, 2013

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  1. Oh yeah another comment. I noticed you had 2 typos that I caught in your print book. Nothing super major but I can point out the pages in an email from the top of my head you used ‘to’ instead of ‘too’ which would have been grammatically correct and you accidentally wrote ‘where’ instead of ‘were.’
    If I wasn’t super sleep deprived atm I would remember the pages.

    I loved the charm that I got with my print of your book and I like totally didn’t see your booth during the first 2 days were you really there for all 3? If so I am so sorry I must have missed you. Heck I was so surprised you were there it really made my trip.

    • Thank you so much for letting me know. I’ll have to go back through the original files and fix that so they won’t appear on the next printed versions. I’m so happy that you liked the little keychains too

  2. Hey saw you there!

  3. So cool!!! You’re not far the doors and that great spot for people to come for you. good super luck and have fun!!!

    • Thank you very much, It was definitely a learning experiencing ^^;

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