Ch 4 Updated *YAY*~

Hi Everyone! I hope your work week hasn’t been to hectic ^^; If so how about you take a tiny little break and stop by and read the next comic page update? Maybe reading something can help relax some of the stress that might have been building up throughout the week? I have a box of mini fruit roll up’s that I plan on sneaking into later to help satisfy my little sweet tooth

Ch4 updated ^^

July 19, 2013

Ch 4 Updated plus off to or at Anime Iowa ^^;

July 19, 2013

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  1. Woohoo!~ New update! My week was been hectic >.< But that's why I like taking a little break and reading the newest updates :3

    • I hope your week gets better. <] I'm glad that my little updates could help.

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