Chapter 4 page 18 update

I’ve been so busy with all of my work today that it kept slipping my mind to update the comic for today ^^; Thankfully I made it before it go to late.

I’ve also been thinking about a few new interactive things to include in the comic but for now I’ll wait until Volume 2 starts to introduce those new ideas. Also I think I finally was able to find a Korean restaurant here in Des Moines. I really want to try it out…even though I hate red bean paste…..and any other kind of grainy, semi flat sweet flavors; like bubble tea, I did not like the taste of that at all and I felt so betrayed when I finally had a chance to taste it and it tasted like liquified sweet plastic….Q^Q but I still want to try out all the different Korean foods because I love food and I love tasting new foods; so I plan on trying out those restaurants and if that doesn’t work then I’ll just learn how to make my own Korean food, hopefully that will turn out better then my experience with kimbap Q^Q

Chapter 4 update

August 17, 2013

Chapter 4 updated and finished!

August 17, 2013