Chapter 4 updated and finished!

Yay! It looks like we are coming up on our last chapter for vol 1. of Love! Love! Fighting! I have so many mixed feelings about all of this. I really wish that I could express myself better right now but all of my words that I want to say are in a gummbled mess ^^; but for now all I can continue to do is keep marching forward. I’m sure things will clear up after a while and it’s best for me to keep my websites about my comic work and not the stresses behind comicking while raising a family. I don’t like to talk or complain about things that might be bothering me so….how about I tell you about a few things that I remembered that happened to me at Anime Iowa that kind of threw me off a bit <3 It’s sort of a pointless little ramble but at least it’s a some what happy/awkward little ramble so if you’d like to read it go ahead and click below~

So these are just a few things I remember but on my first day coming to the convention, I had on my blue princess outfit and my hair was like a big tri-color blond, brown and dark brown afro and I was extremely tired because of me having to lug my supplies all the way around the hotel to the artist alley in the back. There were so many people there and I’m sure I ran over a few people’s feet with my tote bag, so I was apologizing so much. I remember getting so fed up with the hem of my skirt that I stepped to the side and pulled my ponytail holder out and ponytailed the him of that little bugger right up, then walked my way down the rest of the aisle like a boss  ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ I knew I looked crazy but another part of me started to kick in and all I cared about was getting to where I had to go.

Anyways while I was making my march through the crowds with my skirt him*I don’t think that how you spell him…hime? hem?….oh well ^^;* wrapped up in a ponytail holder, so I wouldn’t keep stepping on it, I sort of locked eyes with a group of people who had these signs that said free hug. Now I’m not sure if any of you might have experienced this but back when I was in high school, for some strange reason some of the students responded to me a little oddly, one time that I remember was back when I was taking an intro to automotive class and some guy in my class decided that it would be fun to walk up to me and try to do some weird grinding dance right up on me. I don’t know what compelled him to do that but I remember being horrified and the next thing I knew my natural instincts took over and I shoved him away from me. I remember him looking at me like I was crazy…..granted I didn’t realize until after shoving him into the wall that one of his arms was in a cast but I didn’t bother saying anything else and walked away. I don’t like my personal space being invaded like that, so with that said I was extremely weary of these ‘free hugz’ sign girls coming up to me and giving me a hug. I was already in battle mode to get through the crowd and to my table so I was pretty sure that my first instincts of someone touching me wasn’t going to be very gentle. So needless to say when our eyes made brief contact the girl popped out a little into my path and shout “Free hugz” and I did a little side step to get out of the way and kept my eyes locked forward as if I hadn’t noticed what she said. Now I’m sure my mother probably would have said that was mean or my sisters might have said that I wasn’t being nice but for the safety of myself and the cheerful young woman it was the best and nicest solution that I could come up with. It was either the side step or the “You better not touch me if you know what’s good for you.”stare down….which I’ve gotten a lot better at not showing after having my third child (seriously, I’ve had countless people tell me how mean I was during that pregnancy and I do recall that a lot of people left me a lone during that time…’s funny because from her birth up to her 1st birthday my daughter would also mean mug people but now she’s a bucket of giggles and smiles….I think she’s more popular than me=__= and she’s only 3)

I’ve only been to small comic conventions so I’m not sure what to expect with the bigger ones….I do want to try to go to anime central next year and possible Ohyocon….but we’ll have to wait and see. One thing that I do enjoy about conventions is meet all of the nice people that stop by my table and talk to me. That I don’t mind at all. Even giving out a hand shake does make me feel a little nervous because I think I’m unworthy to be shaking hands with anyone, since I’m not someone famous and I still have a lot to learn but it does make me happy on the inside ^^ I was even shocked when people asked for an autograph. It was kind of like “Really?… want me to write down my name?….you sure?” then I start to get all nervous and start to misspell words and then I have to apologize to them because I scribbled out a misspelled word and it looks so un-cool Q^Q…..I really need to learn how to be more of a social butterfly like my sisters and cousins. I’m more like the little hedge hog that tucks it’s head under itself to hide….or maybe I’m more like those ostriches that you see in the cartoon that put their heads in a whole when they get scared….yeah I’m more like that since I’m so tall (wait…is 5’7 tall?)

Anywhoo that’s my little blurb that I remembered during my anime Iowa convention. I hope I haven’t scared anyone off from coming up to talk to me while I’m at my art table ^^; I’m usually a lot calmer and more approachable when I’m sitting down and not fighting through a crowd of people……

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August 23, 2013

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August 23, 2013

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  1. Hey there! *glomps* Good to know you had a good time! lol I know what you mean in terms of people invading your space. I don’t like it either too much but I’ve gotten better as well. XD Yeah, in those situations it’s best to just avoid eye contact. I’m usually left alone too when I’m hauling stuff. Most people are considerate to leave you alone when they see you lugging bags or carts behind you.

    I think it’s perhaps you were dressed up in a costume and the girl wanted a hug. I don’t cosplay so I’m not sure if that’s the reason or if you’re so cute the girl just wanted to give you a hug. haha I don’t have issues with people hugging me out of no where. If they did they would probably get slugged or at least pushed away. There is usually a con policy that you can’t go around hugging random people. You have to ask first and have permission. That is partially why people have the signs for free hugs.

    If you want to avoid crowds I recommend setting up early before the con opens or an extra day early if your con allows so that way you run into less people. 😀

    Aww yeah, I didn’t have anyone ask if I could sign artwork this past con which is fine. I usually only do it on request. 😀 Still it does make you feel good when someone asks for your autograph. XD Hee it’s ok, I think people just enjoy talking to you. I’m sure you’ll get better as you practice talking to people. I’m still not great at it. XD Hee you’re taller than me! I think you’re a bit taller than average but you’re not super tall. lol That’s a good height to me. 😀

    Ohhh if you’re going to Ohayocon let me know!!! I’ve applied for a table there as well. I’d love to finally meet you! 😀 Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • I sent in my application for a table but I haven’t heard anything back from them but I really hope that I get a table >< I think it would be sooo exciting to be able to see meet at the convention! I would be happy to draw you a picture *like a sort of art swap* and talk with you about the comicking field and other art related things! That would be so exciting

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