Chapter 5 page 4 is up

Chapter 5 has been updated. I can’t believe how quickly September has gone by for me. I still have some artwork that I want to enter into a contest and then I also have my speech for the Comic Day Event up at the Burlington Library. Are any of you local viewers planing on going? I plan on only talking for about 20 minutes and then leave about 10 minuets for questions and if there aren’t any questions then I plan on covering a few more things and then doing a drawing to get a free copy of Love! Love! Fighting! Vol1. I’ll have to update my store envy soon because I’m just about out of Vol 1 <3

I’m so excited to get Vol2. printed but it looks like I might have to try to do a kickstarter to help with getting volume 2 funded. If the kickstarter fails again like before then I’ll have to delay getting the book printed until I can raise up the money myself, just like I did for vol 1. I was a little discouraged because it had failed but I still pressed on and kept working on the story. My thought process was that even though I didn’t have a very big following or that there weren’t many people interested in my story, I at least was enjoying the story that I was creating and I think that if it wasn’t for that passion and love that I had for this work then I probably would have trashed the whole thing and took the website down ^^;  Of course on top of my own passion and drive I was also encouraged to keep moving forward because of the few people that were following me. During that time I didn’t get a lot of comments or didn’t have much interaction from my readers but the few that did leave a comment and the few that I was able to interact with really helped brightened my day and made me feel like all of my work wasn’t in vain. It was also for these kind hearted soul that I continued to keep working. I know how it feels to have a story that you enjoy just stop all of a sudden. It’s heartbreaking. I love reading stories so when one just stops without a proper ending or without and ending at all, it just feels like my heart has been ripped in to and I’ve been left in  front of a stone wall with no way to see whats on the other side. It can sort of drive you crazy ^^; to a certain extent, so since I hate feeling like that, I don’t want to do that to others. Even if this kickstarter fails again, I will just keep looking for other avenues to get it printed and out to the few hands that do want to read it.

I realized the importance of my story and message even more when I went to the comic conventions and met so many kind people who said that they were looking for a story just like this. I still smile to myself when I think back to the time when a two young women stopped by my table and talked to me (I believe her last name was Montgomery =D) They really helped make my day so much better and it’s people like them that help me to keep on going….this post has gotten a little long and probably a little ramble but I just wanted to get that off my chest.

I’m still looking into different ways to help me better fund this site if kickstarter doesn’t go through. My thoughts are slowly going back to posting up ads or project wonderful ad’s or maybe starting affiliate programs with some of my favorite website (amazon, a cute bb cream website with cute cosmetics, an amazing looking circle lense website and so on) but I’ll probably have to come up with another layout to help blend in the ad’s to the site if I end up going down that route. As always thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you continue to come back to read more <3

Chapter 5 page 3 is up

September 20, 2013

Comic Book Day @ the Burlington Public Library~

September 20, 2013

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