Comic Book Day @ the Burlington Public Library~

EDIT: Here are the lovely pictures given to me by a wonderful group of young adults that I had the pleasure to talk to while I was at the comic books day event <3

Before I forget, Chapter 5 has been updated just encase anyone missed the update, also I plan on doing a product review of some of the things that I got from the company Pretty and Cute. These things I bought with my own money because I was curious to see what the Korean style BB cream would look like on me. So I’ll post up my little Korean cosmetic experiment review with next weeks update. I’ll try to order some more things later on to test them out for others that might be a little curious about their products. Now onwards to today’s adventure <3

Today was such an eventful family day for use. My husband and I decided a few months before that the whole family would attend my speech at the library. Since I only thought that I would be there to give a speech about my experience in comic development and hopefully some helpful advice, I decided to only bring a few books and old notebooks as a visual ad. I was great mistaken, of course in a pleasant sort of way.

We did have some issues trying to find the library at first, since this was a new city and since both me and my husband are directionally challenged, we sort of drove around in a circle not knowing that the library was just right down the street from where we were circling at ^^; I also want to add that I really loved how beautiful the town looked. It was a far shot from the city area that I was used to in des moines but I think that helped give it a sort of cozy neighborly sort of feel. Just seeing how everyone interacted with each other in the library and even out in the town (we had to ask a few kind locals for help with the directions to the library ^^;) helped to further push how friednly of a community this was.

Now as for the library, when we arrived I was so excited and amazed by how beautiful the whole building was. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to tour the library like I would have liked but I was able to enjoy a such a pleasant and long chat with a lot of the young people gathered for today’s events. Being stuck at home, just about around the clock, with 3-4 years old sort of has you craving to want to talk to someone just a tad bit older. Of course that’s not saying that my husband isn’t there to talk to because he is and I truly believe that I talk his ear off *figuratively speaking* but with work and such taking up most of his time, I’m usually left alone dealing with incoherent babble of toddlers, sometimes I can hold a conversation but it’s not the type that I would like. So being able to talk about what manga I like or the latest anime show that I’ve just gotten hooked on (Attack of Titan =D) it was such a nice change a pace and I had so much fun talking with all of them.

When it was time for my speech, I had made sure that I had everything that I wanted to talk about written down and I had everything planned out in my head and it was looking pretty good. Unfortunately when I got there I was just a bundle of nerves and I felt like I was just talking way to much then I would get so side track from worry that I wouldn’t follow the outline that I had and I had to back track or I completely forgot to mention what I wanted. I tired to go back and recover some of the missed points but hearing the sounds of my 4 year old yawning loudly in the room sort of threw my confidence and focus off. I felt so upset that I wasn’t able to do the speech the way that I had planned but I do hope that something that I said was helpful Q^Q I was so happy with all the material that I wrote down in my outline but I was so worried about how I said everything…..I guess all of those public speaking lessons that I had in High School didn’t really have much effect on me ^^; but I might be over thinking things, I can be my worst critique….

Now after my speech I was so upset with myself because I didn’t bring any of my art prints to show anyone, thankfully I did bring some of my printed comic’s and old notebooks to show to others as a sort of inspiration. Thankfully the group of young adults that I mentioned earlier stopped back by my table and helped brighten up my day by talking with me. I can’t even express how much fun I had. They were even so sweet enough to gift me with their amazing drawings. I remember being at that age and how much time and effort I would put to draw something so I felt so honored and touched that they want to give me their art work, like I seriously almost teared up. Art means a lot to me so having someone give me something like that really hits home Q^Q I need to get my scanner set up so that I can scan all of the images in because my camera phone won’t do these adorable pictures any justice so check back at this post and I should have the images posted tomorrow.  One young lady by the name of Hope, actually drew me while I was giving my speech and I love the drawing to pieces <3 (I love all the drawings to piece actually, but this one really made me smile because know one has ever drawn me before <3)

Today was so much fun and I was so happy to have met everyone! I seriously can’t express in words just how much fun and how much you all made my day and I was so sad that I had to leave before the drawing. The kids were already starting to get tired and agitated and driving with cranky toddlers for a little over 2 hours, in the dark, in an unknown area wasn’t a very good combination so with a heavy heart I had to help my husband pack the kids up and head out early but congratulations to who ever one the prize!  Also I want to give a big Thank you to Samantha. I was so excited to finally meet you that I just gave you a hug, I was so excited that I wasn’t thinking clearly and the first thought that came to mind was “It’s Samantha! Yay! Another comic reader like me! Let me hug you!!” and that I did, so I want to apologize if that was a little presumptuous of me but you and the library staff and the young adult group did an amazing job on the event! Once I get my ISBN number set up for my books I can donate a stack of the books to you for the library.

We all had a blast that day and my husband was able to take a few pictures of the kids having fun at the library and he even shot a video of both the twins meeting Darth Vader. I also took a couple of pictures of the kids knocked out in the car just a few minuets after we left and a blurry picture of me and my husband. I did not mean to cut off the top of his head in the picture and didn’t notice how blurry it was until now but oh well~



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September 29, 2013

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September 29, 2013

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  1. Your children are adorable and they look like you to me. Also Its funny how your husband is never completely in the shot xD Will your fans ever see your husbands face or is it something to be left to the imagination? *u*

  2. AHHHH!!!! I finally get to see you. Okay, not in PERSON but I SEE YOU!!! YAAAAY!!!

  3. Oh my! I’m so glad you had a good time overall! I’m sorry you were a bundle of nerves during your speech but it’s ok, practice makes perfect! Everyone gets nervous. lol I’m sure you did great. 😀 Awww your family is adorable! So cute! Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope you’d do it again! ^_~

  4. You liked it that much?! >///< Oh my…

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