Chapter 5 Updated and big news!!!

Okay, first I have the chapter updated and I set up a drop box link over to the left to help you navigate through the chapters of the comic better.

Also…..I’ll be going to ANIME EXPO!!! Wooooo! It won’t be until July but at least that should give me enough time to get volume 2 finished and save up for the flight over there! I’m so excited and I think that either this con or Anime Iowa will be the one where Volume 2 is Debuted. My main focus will be showcasing my comic but I’ll bring along a few prints of my original characters as well. I don’t really do fanart because I wouldn’t want someone drawing fanart of my characters and then selling it and making money for themselves and I don’t see a dime…..I’m just saying <p

Anywhooo~ooo, so I’ve been watching a lot of these natural hair tutorials and Hair journey videos and I’ve actually been keeping my hair braided up and just sporting a wig but now I’m starting to want to showcase my curls again. I love the way flex rods make my hair look and I don’t see the point of me always hiding my hair under a wig when I’m trying to grow it out ^^; at least right now it seems pointless, I might change my mind and toss a wig back on for 3 more months just because ^^ So I’m going to start doing some cute little roller sets and I want to see how long I can grow my hair out, I think it will also be a lot of fun to document this in the comic as well, kind of like an embrace your texture kind of  message for one of the chapters. Whether your, kinky, curly, wavy or straight, be proud of the texture that God blessed you with and rock it like a rock star! That’s all for now, I’m just super excited to buy some more hair things and I’m going to do my little girls hair in a few cute little braid out styles. Me and her can be curly cues together, even though her hair is more wavy and not as thick but I think that’s just because of the mixed part in her ^^; My mom’s hair is also thin, she kind of had really loose waves to her hair, it was kind of like, border line straight/wavy and it wasn’t that she didn’t have a lot of hair because she did/does it’s just that the hair strands aren’t as chunky as me and my sisters. Okay enough talk about hair <3 I’ll be back next week!!

Chapter 5 updated <3

January 10, 2014

Chapter update and someone interviewed little old crazy me <3

January 10, 2014

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  1. hrmmmmm i may have to snickerdoodle over to animu expo *if school is my friend and allows me too!!* but yay more of oriana!! i love her

    • Do it! It would be so cool! I’m so excited to be at the artist alley but so nervous but then so excited again Eeeee~eee X3

  2. I wanna go to anime expo so I can meet you and get the book!!! I need money$$$$$$

    • That would be so cool if you could come! I plan on booking my flight and car really soon <3 So excited!

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