Chapter 5 Updated + Labor Day Adventures~

Chapter 5 has been updated with the next comic page! Yay! I’ve been so busy lately and I think that I haven’t had the time to tell you all the reason why. I recently have been hired as a freelance background artist for an amazing visual novel, that is soon to be released, and this has really been helping me to pay some bills and take care of my family. I was so happy when I was accepted for the position but because of that, I’ve had to put my work for Volume 2 of Love! Love! Fighting! on hold until I finish up the ten backgrounds. Once that’s all done then I’ll get back working on the comic. This is such a big step for me and I’m so happy and honored to be able to be paid for the work that I love doing <3~~

Now, on to other news! Labor Day Weekend! Did any of you do anything fun during that time? Me and my family (husband, kids, sisters, their kids and our cousins) traveled over to see our mom, who lived about 8-9 hours away. The drive up there was a little daunting because the twins have now gotten to that age where they ask “Are we there yet?” and it’s only been about 1 hour or so O^o so you can imagine the noise and such that happened during a large chunk of the trip. How can three toddlers get in a fight so quickly? and over nothing? One kids says something like “Mom, I have 10 toes” then the other will say “NO!” then that child goes “I not talking to you, I talking to mom!” then the other one says “NO!” then the fight starts and their hitting and calling my name and XC Ugghhh~ My mom was definitely a strong woman to raise all three of us all by herself and me and my sisters still fight and argue to this day.

But anyways, labor day weekend was fun. I was able to finish up one of the background art piece for my client and then spend the rest of the time with my family. I also went ahead and was a little adventurous and ordered some food from the House of Korea restaurant, which was about a mile away from my mom’s house. Now I don’t think I’m spelling this right but here we go, I ordered Kimbap, Bibimbap, and Mandu’s. They gave me a side order of some vegetables and tofu, which tasted like it was soaked in some kind of spicy and sweet sauce because when I ate it I didn’t realize it was tofu and thought it was chicken and was like “Umm! This is good.” and someone told me that it was tofu and I sort of paused in my head for a little bit then shrugged it off and kept eating it. That was some good tofu! I also was excited to see that they gave me a small serving of kimchi. Now I’ve never had kimchi before but after watching other shows about it and reading and listening to the reactions that other food critiques said about it, I though that it would probably taste like how sauerkraut tasted (I love that stuff, especially with some yummy sausages) but boy was I wrong. When I opened up that tiny lid I was hit by such a stench. I try brushing the smell out of my head but it was really strong and my mind kept playing tricks on me but I took a bit out of it and for me it didn’t really have a strong enough taste that I’m use too. It had a strong smell and you could taste the hotness of the chili powder but other than that, It just tasted like cabbage with a hot spice. I probably should have added some vinegar or salt to give it that sort of kick that I’m use to but anyways I tired it and it’s not my thing but I might give it another chance…..I’ll probably try the kimchi stew next time.


So I tired the kimbap but the seaweed became a little to mushy for me when I was chewing it and I don’t like mushy textures so I had my husband try some and split the rest between him, my sisters and Papa Skip *he’s my step dad*Now I loved the smell of the kimbap! It’s one of my favorites, next to the spicy chicken tasting tofu <3 My husband is a picky eater so I was pleasantly surprised to see that he liked the kimbap as well. He wasn’t about to try the kimichi but that’s okay, baby steps.


Now the next food that I had was also a new favorite of mine! MANDU’S <3~~~ Now they gave me some strange looking sauce on the side, it was dark and it wasn’t soy-sauce so I wasn’t sure what I was dipping it into but I didn’t really like the combination. It didn’t give me a good enough punch when I mixed the two together. So I decided to dip them in this thousand island tasting sauce and I really liked that combination better, then I decided to try both the sauces at once and it was like “PARTY!” my taste buds enjoyed that one. I didn’t want to share these with my husband but I went ahead and did it anyways <3


Now the last food that I tried out was sort of a disappointment for me. It was the Bibimbap. I guess I shouldn’t have been expecting a certain taste. I didn’t even try to add the chili paste that came with it because I knew my poor mouth would be burning Q^Q To me the Bibimbap tasted more like a salad with rice. I really don’t like the smell of seasame seed oil and that’s kind of unfortunate because I know that that’s a major oil that’s used in a lot of different dishes. I’ll just have to wean myself onto that smell and taste. I can’t really explain that type of taste I was expecting but that’s okay because this was a new thing for me and I usually don’t eat new foods so yay me!


That’s all for my food adventures <3 I definitely want to try some of the other foods that I’ve seen on and read about.

Of course I didn’t just stuff my face full with Korean food. Me and my family went out to play a little at an amusement park. We took pictures at the fountain and then separated and me and my husband took pictures of this huge tower *I hates heights* and this yummy looking candy store and sad looking arcade. We also rode a train around the park. It was nice and relaxing. A few hours had passed and I was starting to get tired of the big crowds and heat. *It’s a pet peeve of mine when a strange keeps brushing their arm against my lower back side or brush against my arm, or just stare at me. I know that my annoyance with crowds and my desire to go to an amusement park are conflicting but when it’s super hot out then I’m not able to have as much patience like I usually do when I deal with crowded areas. That’s just me of course, I’m like a little hermit crab ^^;*

So that was my Labor day weekend. It was a lot of fun and I was so happy to see my mom and Papa Skip again and I had so much fun with the whole family! I can’t wait to go back down to visit her again <3

Exhausted~::***….Time for a nap~…***::::

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September 6, 2013

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September 6, 2013

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  1. Oh! Also, your Labor Day sounded like quite an adventure! Especially that car ride lol I’m sure having your children around will probably build your tolerance a bit more. :3 I’m also glad to hear about your freelancing job. Congrats! (^ ^)/

  2. Hi! I’m highly upset that I’m just finding that you’ve updated here. I’ve been waiting on smackjeeves for an update and I got all sad lol So I’m happy you’re updating here.

    • I’m so sorry! Q^Q I hadn’t realized that people were still reading my comic on there. I’ll try to keep updating the smackjeeves site just encase there are others that might not realize that I have a main website as well <3

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