Chapter 5 updated. News about LLF vol. 2

Hello everyone <3 Just as the title states, chapter 5 has been updated and also I wanted to let you all know about some news with the second volume of Love! Love! Fighting! I plan on having it ready for Ohayhocon, which is in January which I will be tabling at, and I will also have the recolored and re-drawn chapter one version of Bottled Prince available at my table during the convention as well. I don’t have any plans to sell any of the Bottle Prince Volumes online just yet. I want to get the story finished first but I thought that since chapter 1 was so short, why not go ahead and clean it up and bring it along with me to Ohayocon.

Now for Love! Love! Fighting! Volume 2, I have my schedule all planned out and if I’m able to stick to it then the volume should be ready to print by late December early January. This volume will be 200 pages long, so it’s a lot bigger and longer then the first volume. I plan on trying my hand at doing another kickstarter for it in December and since the book should be all done by the end of that same month, those that take part in the kickstarter won’t have to wait very long for the books and they’ll be able to get them at a cheaper cost. So I’ll keep everyone posted about how things are going with that.

Now one last thing. I will be selling my work at the artist alley for Ohayocon. I really want to try to get to some of the bigger conventions out there so if any of you have any suggestions on some good comic conventions to attend feel free to let me know. I hope that I’ll be able to meet some of my readers there! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll be back later with another comic update <3

Chapter 5 Updated - ::..BB Cream Review..::

October 11, 2013

~Chapter 5 updated~

October 11, 2013

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  1. Whoo hoo! Can’t wait to meet you in person! 😀

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