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EDIT: For those of you who might have not seen it yet, I have posted up the drawings that a group of amazing young ladies gave to me while I was at the Burlington Library Comic Book Day Event. I’ll go ahead and post the images here and in my fanart section

I first want to say that Chapter 5 has been updated ^^ Yay! So for those who have been waiting for the next page, go ahead and hop on over and start reading. Also I want to extend a Thank you to all of you who have been voting for me on Top Webcomics (You can vote once each day by clicking on the link right under the comic image) It really brings a smile to my face and helps increase the exposure for my comic, so again Thank you all soooooo much <3


Now, unfortunately I will have to extend my apologies to my male viewers because……..It’s Pretty & Cute time!! *YAY <3*

pretty-cuteOkay so first, I know that there are BB creams over here in the state marketed for darker skin toned women but… just doesn’t look as cute as Etude house packaging and yes I know that korean cosmetic BB cream doesn’t really fit my skin tone but as GOD as my witness I am going to buy these cutely packaged products, slather them on my face and bounce around the house with my little girl while talking about how cute and princess like the packaging is.

On a more serious note, the first BB cream that I reviewed gave my skin a sort of greyish tint to it. If anything I do have a few constructive ideas that these lighter BB creams could be used for, I was thinking that I could use it as a possible concealer but that’s just a thought. I’m no make up person and I don’t know much about that world but I do love me some BB cream and certain foundations <3 Of course because of my laziness I don’t wear my BB cream or Foundation at all but then other days when I might need a little pick me up and want to make myself feel pretty then I’ll put some on and admire my flawless complexion in the mirror. (I joke, my complexion is anything but flawless but I still like it either way, tiny freckles and all)

I already knew before hand that most of these BB creams wouldn’t really match me and even when I did a search online to see some visual aids of what it might look like for women of darker tone to wear these I couldn’t really find any so…..I decided to go ahead and do my own post and show those like minded like me, what it might look like on darker skin. Yay for experimentation! Let’s get right in to it shall we?

Now the store that I bought these from is one of my favorite online stores to just go and stare at and browse around their product line. It’s seriously such a cute and fluffy looking website that I’m starting to contemplate changing up my website layout >> (If you haven’t noticed, I love pretty and cute things…but I also love drawing horror and scary comics and love watching high action movies, like this foreign move called Pi Man, I LOVE that movie!>//< Its a movie about Bruce Lee’s teacher and it’s amazing!)

So I finally decided to start up an affiliation with them and test out some of their products and see how quickly they ship their orders out. Now since I didn’t want to make a big commitment and order a large amount of BB cream because of the limited skin tone issues, I decided to order a few of the samples and test out which brand would be the best fit for my complexion, that is if any of them are a good fit and I wanted to see how much coverage it would give me. Now for some of you who might not know or might not have noticed I do have small freckles on my face, it’s not a lot just a few scattered here and there and at first I thought that they might have been blemishes but my sister told me that they are freckles. I now know why all of the that blemish remover cleaner never really worked on my face ^^; So because of my freckles I tend to need a foundation with medium or full coverage. So far I have used Mabalines BB cream line and I love it but I’ve also used some of my sisters Mac foundation but I won’t be showing you pictures of those today.

Here is a picture of all the products that I bought from their site. Shipping wise, I’m very impressed with how quickly it arrived to me. I placed my order on the 25 of September and they shipped the item out the same day and I received it on the 27th. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly they moved and once I get some more money I plan on ordering some more cute things from them. Here is a few images of some of the items that I ordered. It’s not a lot just a few starter up items. I bought about 3 face mask, which I plan on using to either help with stress or if I feel like pretending I’m in my own little Korean drama <3 I love me a good Korean drama~ I also bought three different BB cream samples and a oil remover blotting tissue. The product that I’ll be reviewing today is going to be the pink Super B.B. Cream SKIN 79


Color: 2/5

Now for this product it did leave a sort of greyish tent to my skin and it’s very, very light but the lightness does tone down a little when I blended it into my skin but that grey tint stayed so I don’t think I will be using it as a concealer. I don’t really want my skin to look grey. I’ve tried other light concealers that didn’t have that effect on my skin tone so I’m sure there are other bb creams that won’t have that grey tint to them but unfortunately the pink Super B.B. Cream Skin 79 did.

Smell: 3/5

For the smell, I personally like how it smells. It doesn’t really have that fresh lotion type of smell but it does have a sort of subtle cotton type of smell with a hint of a fresh clay smell that you might smell if you’ve ever worked with fresh molding clay. Some people might not like it but I like that fresh cotton/clay smell. I guess the closet thing that smells like this would be Aveeno’s oatmeal lotion. It kind of smells like that but a little more earthy and fresh.

Coverage: 3/5

For the coverage, I’d say it’s about average for me. I think I would probably put this under medium to light coverage but that’s just according to my standards. I do like the thickness of the product and how you don’t really need a lot to cover the area but again this is just according to my own personal preference. I put some of the cream on my hand and it does give a sort of smoothing effect to my skin, it’s kind of like as if the pours aren’t as visible so I’ll probably see if my sister will let me put it on her face to see if they lower the visibility of the pours on her face. I like that sort of smooth soft look that it does give but again because of the grey tint I don’t think it would be a wise decision to use it. People might start asking me why I look so pale and if I’m sick or something ^^;


Even though this BB cream was a hit and miss with me, I plan on trying out the other BB creams in the Super B.B. Cream Skin 79 line to see if they all will have that effect and I’ll also test out other lines as well. For those of you who do have a light skin tone then feel free to give this product a test run, you can use the link over to the right or click right here to buy one of their samples, they’re very inexpensive (you can get 3 for $2.50 plus you get an extra free sample with your order) By using the link that I posted to the right (or here )you’ll also be helping my website. By going to their site from that link and ordering something from their site a small percentage will also go towards helping to keep this site up and running.

Another reason why I wanted to try out these product is because I wanted to have a sort of first hand experience with some the the Korean cosmetic’s since Oriana will be using some of the products as well. I’m not sure how interesting of a subject matter this would be for others but it’s a lot of fun for me so for those of you who enjoyed today’s post then make sure to come back for my next B.B. cream review. I have two others to go through and then I want to try out some of Etude house BB cream. I’ll also by some of the lip gloss and eyeliner to try out but right now my main focus is the BB cream because there isn’t really a lot of Korean ones that match my skin tone but that’s okay because I enjoy testing things out to see what they look like.

That’s all for now, I plan on getting the next B.B. Cream review ready soon, I have a lot of work to do for my clients and for Vol 2 of Love! Love! Fighting! so I’ll go ahead and sign off so I can get these things finished. Thank you so much for reading this <3 bye~e

Comic Book Day @ the Burlington Public Library~

October 4, 2013

Chapter 5 updated. News about LLF vol. 2

October 4, 2013

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  1. Ooh great review. I love Korean dramas and also the cute makeup packaging. I have order things from the gmarket website but was too scared to try the makeup.

    • I thought it was kind of fun to try out some of the bb cream over there. I still have a few left to try out but right now I like to just use the Maybelline BB cream. It doesn’t really break me out so it’s one of my favorites right now <3 I'll probably do a review on some more just for fun, because who doesn't like to go around playing with little things like that and having fun =D

  2. Ohh this is interesting! lol I’m not much of a girly girl or wear make up but it is interesting observing your trials with Korean make up with your darker skin tone. I find it a bit amusing that it makes your skin grayer. lol I wonder why that is, perhaps the pigment is to help cover red blemishes? Actually that kind of makes sense. XD Well I do like seeing your reviews and will enjoy seeing Oriana’s fun with Korean makeup! XD

    • I’m not much of a make-up person either. The most that I will wear is just my Mabaline BB cream. If I’m feeling fancy then I might put on some eye liner but I usually go about my life with nothing on my face, I don’t think I really got into BB cream and foundation until I started watching Korean Dramas ^^ I don’t do lipstick or blush or eye shadow, I don’t really like how they look ^^; but I think you’re right about the pigment helping cover red blemishes. It’s really funny to see the reaction that it has on my skin tone. I guess that is what I would look like if my red pigment was sort of drained….or if I was super sick and the blood was draining from my face O.o;

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