Chapter 8 Updated! Spine update~

Hi everyone! I can’t type very much because it’s difficult to sit up right now but the next page is update!

I’ve been going to the chiropractors and have been getting adjustments done on my shoulder blade, spine and jaw. My bones keep popping out of place and my spine keeps shifting my shoulder blade all kinds of crazy places so I end up with a lot of tenderness an tightness in on my left side, so much so that I have to tilt my head to the left to stop the pulling feeling. It’s all apart of the process and we’re trying to get the spine back in it’s proper place so it will stop pulling different bones here and there to try to fix itself (The best way that I can describe my spines behavior with the rest of my bones is like a child that’s trying to fix something they broke so they’re using whatever method they can use just to get it to look somewhat decent again XD)

This picture below is me pointing to where the bone that was twisted by my jaw that she had to readjust. The picture below that is me looking a little panicked because this is all new territory for me ^^;

12801294_1754715851428264_4251484025403326544_n 12814410_1754715864761596_26112617457026896_n

Either way there have been many tears because of the pain but it’s for a good cause so I’ll keep doing my best!

Also the kids have been improving so much with their reading and writing and I can’t wait until we’re all done with this school year so that we can all of a break for the recommended work load and just learn as we grow instead~ I’m glad that we have and outline to work with but it’s a lot more effective for my children to play and learn. I know everyone else has their own views and that’s fine but luckily for me these are my children so I’ll handle how they’re raised ;D

My back and spine is telling me that it’s done with me sitting down and now it’s time to hit the hay and get some rest so my body can do what it does to heal itself.

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March 19, 2016

Comic updated and Daddy almost burnt down the kitchen....

March 19, 2016

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  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your manga. I was extremely excited to find an AMBW manga to read and that it was written by an African American woman. I get email updates every time you update the page and I thank you for your work. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well but I do pray that God will heal your body. Rest and take your time. Your fans will patiently wait for you.

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