Comic updated and Daddy almost burnt down the kitchen….

Hi everyone! I’m back with another comic update and some good news bad news ^^; The good news is that the kids finished their state assessments with their homeschool work and we will be all done and free from it all on May 26! Also my birthday is in May and I’m having a tiny midlife crisis because of my age but it’s okay ^^;…..I’ll be fine XD

Oh and before I forget feel free to leave any questions that you have for next weeks Q&A about the comic (non-spoilers) or about comic creation or just our daily life in general!

Bad news is that the bottom half of our stove is broken and Daddy wanted to make some homemade fries for the kids since his dad got him a new fry cutter and I warned him about not putting too many fries in the grease or the grease would overflow and start a fire. I stayed with him in the kitchen while he did the first batch then went to sit down in the living room.

A few moments later I hear my husband calmly calling me from the kitchen: “Honey….grease fire.” Next thing I see is him standing beside the oven looking dazed while a fire is just blazing on the eye where the fries are still cooking in the grease. I grabbed the two boxes of baking soda that I had in the bottom cabinet (I like to bake so I stay stocked with baking supplies) and threw the soda on the fire that was getting bigger and bigger and told him to turn the eye off.

Luckily I was able to get the fire to stop and my poor husband just stood there so defeated XD Smoke filled up the house and the fire alarms where going off and poor Mr. Charleston was sitting terrified in the corner of his cage while the kids kept asking a bunch of questions XD

He told me that everything was going fine when he finished the first batch of fries and he wanted to make some for the kids so he put in another batch and tried to get the fries to go to the center so that they don’t over flow but he put too many in and the grease started to spill over and a small fire started. “I can handle this….it’s just a small fire.” He then said that the fire got bigger and bigger  “No-no-no-no-no-no-no-” and that’s when he called me into the kitchen to fix the problem he created.

I laughed for a good while after that and told him I was going to share this on my website. It was definitely a very eventful day. Since the oil over flowed I lifted up the lid of the stove top to clean out any oil that feel underneath and there I found this black slimy goop that the oil, fire and baking soda must have combined into….looked very gross but was able to clean it all up.

The bottom half of our oven on the inside is broken so I can’t bake like I want (luckily the broiler works so I can still broil dinner food) and the top half almost got destroyed….I just want to take a moment to thank all of you who have been helping me through my Patreon because it’s things like this that pop up and put us in a very bad finical hole so thank you all so much!!

That’s all for today’s update! I hope it made you snicker a little just like it made me laugh and I’ll hopefully see you next week!

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  1. smh your hubby owes you a few favors for that nonsense XD I would like to know what made you choose Korea as the setting for your story? It’s very unique and I love the way it meshes with Oriana’s story and background :3

  2. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! And the comic strip made it so much better!!! Sooooooo, should I post my question about the older lady and young girl here?

    • It was so funny!! I saw your question on Patreon but I don’t think their notification is working correctly but I plan on having them appear in the upcoming chapter 

  3. Goodness! So glad that you all are ok! I’m glad you knew what to do, that could have gotten out of hand easily. Definitely a funny story afterwards.

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