Comic update and Mom’s Cancer Journey update

Comic update and Mom’s Cancer Journey update

Hi everyone! Today’s comic page has been updated and I also recently spoke to my big sis and she told me some exciting news!

It looks like the medicine that she’s been watching for some years now is finally approved for release over here in the US! I’m so excited because she said that this one is actually geared towards the type of cancer that she has, unlike the one that she is taking now. The one that the doctors have her on right now is making her horribly sick and the side effects are just awful and though I am not to chipper on the idea that they are just going to double up her medication to see if it will help (trying my best to push back those smart aleck thoughts and things of that nature ^^;)

But of course thinking on the positive side of it at least there is now a second option and it’s one that’s meant for the type of cancer that she has so I am grateful for that and we all just need to hold out until the doctors are done doing whatever they are doing and switch her over to the new one.

I really hope that this will be just the thing me and my sisters are waiting for to help make our mom all better. It’s been the three of us for a while now and we’ve been through so much together. Our mom raised us as a single parent and there were a lot of up’s and down’s but God helped us to make it out of each one.

We’re learning to keep our head’s up and I can keep hearing my mothers words in my head “It will be well.” and that’s what I believe. No matter what might come our way, good or bad, it will be alright because we still have each other.


One last news that I want to update you all with is that I will be starting up my mommy blog soon. I want to try to keep this site comic related as much as possible and I think I will move my family and life and health journey matters over to my new site. I’ll make sure to post up the link once it’s all set up. I’ve already started my health journey (clean healthy colon, pooing regularly, getting my daily dose of fruits and veggies and sharing yummy old school recipes from our family recipe book that was passed down from my great-grandma to my grandma and now to me <3) and home school trial and errors.

I’ll also be including adorable chibi comics about my life a long with the post and I really have to thank my Patreon supporters for showing their support each month and helping me to be able to do more creative things <3 I have a new banner to add to the site now too <3 You guys this means so much to me and I truly appreciate it! For those of you curious about what a Patreon is, feel free to just click on the link below.

S-morishita studio Patreon

I already have almost all of Chapter 7 on patreon while on here we are on Chapter 6. I’m off to finish up more work and respond to any comments that I might have missed! I hope to talk with you all again soon!!

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