Comic Updated!

It’s been pretty busy over on this side of the screen ^^; but I’m glad that I’m slowly able to check off different things from my check list.

One of the things are that I finished my desktop wallpaper for my kickstarter backers and I also have the base colors set of the postcard image too. I plan on working on that tonight after I finish the the house work and kids home school work <3 Also I just want to say a special shot out to all of my new readers and thank all of my current readers for sticking with me through these up’s and down’s <3

I still have the fan art page and thank you page to update and comments to respond to but we’ll keep taking it one day at a time <3

Happy reading you awesome sugar drops you!!


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November 14, 2014

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November 14, 2014

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  1. omg i literally squealed out loud and I’m not even ashamed LOL I <3 <3 the picture!!

    • I’m right there with you <3 I'm happy you liked it! I was so nervous during the time that I was making it because I wasn't 100% sure if the final version would turn out well enough but I'm so glad that it did XD

  2. I got another pose~~
    Hope this is useful! : D

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