Comic Update and Patreon News

Comic Update and Patreon News

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Hi-Hi everyone! Just encase you might have missed it, the site is now back and running smoothly again. I was luckily able to transfer everything over  (yay!!) and I made a two page update on Friday so if you haven’t read the next two pages feel free to stop over and check them out. In other exciting news~s, I’ve joined Patreon!!

S-morishita studio Patreon


As showen above, I decided to go ahead and start a Patreon Campaign page. For those of you that haven’t heard about Patreon it’s like a smaller scale version of kickstarter but instead of paying a larger amount of money for a one time big project you can pay a much smaller amount (1.00 or 2.00) as a reacquiring tip to help show your support for the comic and help me to achieve my goal of increasing my comic update time from once each week to 5 times each week. I’ll also release some other goodies as well, like more fun illustrations and I can even start focusing more of my time on fun side projects like a natural hair gag comic.

For those of you who would be interested in finding out more about my Patreon Campaign feel free to stop by my page by the link below and don’t feel bad if you’re not able to become a patron. This is just something to help me creator more content at a faster pace. I will still have the webcomic free to view online just with patron you will get the perks of having 2 page updates instead of 1 depending:

That’s all that I have to announce for now. I will be posting up more info about comic updates and behind the scene sneak peeks at the script now that the script for volume 2 is finished and I will begin working on the comic pages on Monday <3 Thank you everyone for all of your support and feel free to pass along the word about my patreon page even if you aren’t able to participate in it. I don’t want you to feel obligated to do anything, I’m just grateful to have such awesome readers! You guys really help make this lonely comic creation process a lot more fun =D

New Page updated, busy, busy, busy ^^

March 9, 2014

Chapter 5 updated!!

March 9, 2014

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  1. Whoop Whoop… Just became a Patreon.

    • Oh my gosh!! X3 Thank you so much Shelli!! I wasn’t sure if you received my message on there but I wanted to respond to your comment here as well just encase <3

  2. Oh my word this is so wonderful!! *Jumping for extreme joy! I’m all over it!

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