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Happy Saturday everyone!! I’m glad to be back and I’m doing much better now, there are still a few off days but that comes with the territory but I’m feeling energized and pumped to get back to being productive! For today’s comic update we are now walking into the territory of the sleep scenes XD I’m so happy that you all have been enjoying the comic updates and again I want to extend my gratitude to all of my patreon supporters and website subscribers for all of your kind words and concern! I received so many kind emails and kind comments and this flash illustration that I did a while back best describes how I felt during that time when you all were encouraging me:

Thank you by SKY-Morishita on DeviantArt

I also wanted to give you all a head’s up that I’ll be working in the back office of the website because I want to update the layout and hopefully make it more mobile friendly ^^; So if you check into the site and see it looking wanky at times, that’s just me messing up things with the codes and panicking XD

Also for something fun to share, here are the pictures from Me and Elijah’s 7 year wedding anniversary! We didn’t take a whole lot of pictures because we were trying to blend in with the classy people and didn’t want to come off as noobs to a symphony. I’ve been to play’s and musical’s and such before but my husband hasn’t so he was really excited and I had fun teasing him because he didn’t know some of the things that you were supposed to do during an orchestra concert….given the things I knew where taught to me by my 6th grade orchestra teacher XD so I still don’t know to much but he gets a kick out of teasing me a lot so it was fun to turn the tables on him and tease him back XD


I was actually a little frustrated with my hair because I had a fancy faux updo style in mind but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I decided to rock my high puff and some side curls. Since the symphony was downtown and parking their is brutal I had Elijah drop me off upfront so that I didn’t have to walk 5 blocks in my heels ^^; While I was getting out of the car and crossing the street two elderly women were walking beside me and one commented on my hair “How did you get all of that hair?” I wasn’t really sure how to respond to that but living in a town where there aren’t a lot of afro or curly hair styles I’m slowly getting used to the attention that my natural hair brings, so I just smiled brightly at her and told her thank you and laughed it off with them.
I personally didn’t think that my hair looked very big but I love big volume hair styles now so my definition of big might be totally different from others so no worries <3

20150328_192509I was a little nervous waiting by myself while Elijah came back from parking the car so I ended up calling him to see where he was at and he wasn’t too far, when he got into view I took a picture of him crossing the street XD Later on when the symphony was over he had me wait there again while he went back to get that car and when he finally picked me up he said that people where getting all kinds of crazy over by the bar area he had to pass when he got our van and on top of that he actually got lost a little and was walking through grassy areas and dirt and such XD He said that I probably would have gotten so freaked out and scared…which he’s right because loud noises, sudden movements and drunk people terrify me to the extreme ^^;

The symphony was a lot of fun and one of the pianist was doing his first debut in America at this symphony. From what the program said he had won a very prestigious award in South Korea and he was only 18 years old! I thought that was so cool and it was really adorable when after he finished playing and they where introducing him and he said hi to his mom and dad <3 It’s so great to have adorable children <3 I wonder if my kids will do that for me if they get the chance?

Anywhoo, we both had a lot of fun and since my aunt and uncle where watching the kids for us we hurried and grabbed some quick take out from Bbops and picked the kids up from next door and enjoyed our food with netflixs <3 We’re simple folk, give us video games, comic books, and food and we’re set XD

Also as a little update for my fitness journey, I’ve been doing some research on top of my TurboFire work out and I found something very interesting about heart health and I realized that, that’s definitely the thing that I want to focus the most on. I want to get my heart strength up to the point to where when I’m working out at 162 bpm it only feels like I’m working out at 120 bmp. I want to get my heart up strong and healthy! I remember how my mom was back when she was doing track and field and my husband told me the stories of the crazy training his coach put them through during basketball season but when he went to try out for track, doing their training was super easy for him and he was able to jog the whole mile and keep up ahead of his friends and that’s where I want to get my heart health to. I want it to be strong enough to where it doesn’t have to work so hard to do 1 mile jog and instead of me feeling like I’m dying while I’m trying to jog it will just feel like an easy walk.

So to help me with my heart health fitness journey I’ve been using my heart rate monitor on the back of my phone to track how everything is going and I’m now on my 4th week of my 30 day challenge with Turbo Fire and when I first started out I used to get really sick and tired when my heart rate hit about 130bpm and now when I get my heart rate up to 142 bmp it still feels like an easy work out! Getting it up to 160-170 still feels intense for me and I’m gasping and breathing hard and such but I know that someday that will change and it will feel like a walk in the park <3

I’m super excited to see more progress and I made sure to order some more of my favorite vitamins and supplements, now I know supplements and vitamins are not for everyone and others have voiced there negative views of them to me and that’s fine, you do what is best for you but as for me and my house I’m in love with my vitamins and supplements from it works and have already received so many great health results from it and I’m happy to share my little testimony with others. It’s all about trying to stay positive and doing this fitness journey has also been a great distraction tool for me, I know how scary depression and negativity can be and I don’t want to go back to that dark pit of sinking sand so it’s time to focus on something that’s positive and encouraging ;3 I need to make sure that I stay strong for my family and most importantly for myself as well because we only have one life to live so let’s go out with a positive bang <3 and I know that I don’t say this much but it’s been on my heart and I just wanted to let you all know just how greatful I ame to have you all in my life, even if it’s through the virtual comments and support but I appreciate how positive and kind so many of you are and so from my family to yours I want to say Thank you so, SO much <3IMG_20150411_125955

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  1. I’m so happy you’re continuing your workout plan. I was wondering how that was going. And happy anniversary! You, Elijah, and the kids are looking well! Your kids are just the cutest!
    -Jameelah, a fellow mommy

    • Hi Jameelah!! How are you and your little bundle of joy doing? Thank you so much for the comment <3 I hope you and your son are doing well too <3

  2. You guys are too cute for words….

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