Vol.1 on In Store!

Vol.1 on In Store!

After fighting with files and going over 120+ pages over and over for the trim and bleed conformation I finally can say happily that both volume1 and 2 are on amazon! Now that I know how to format the files correctly for createspace it should be a lot easier to get volume 3 posted up! I’m thinking about doing a kickstarter for volume 3 but we’ll talk more about that after I have volume 3 fully finished <3

Now there are still errors and mistakes in volume 1 and 2 but it’s a learning process and overtime I’ll be able to go back through both books (over 200+ pages) and get the kinks worked back out but for now I’m going to finish battling the battle of homeschool my three children and trying to stay on top of my fitness/health journey <3

For next week’s post I’ll share my before and afters of my progress with tightening and toning my kangaroo mommy badge with next weeks update, I’ll make sure to have it below the read more tag just encase some of you aren’t interested in reading my mommy/lifestyle talk ^^

Now I’m off to try to get back caught up with the missed homeschool work for the three Tim-bit’s wish me luck you guys! Also as a little bratty side note, guess who’s birthday is this Friday? XD

Also one last thing, thank you all so much for the kind reviews that I recieved on my book so far! It really means so much and really helps encourage me to keep working hard and pressing to be the best storytelling artist that I can be! I know that I make a lot of mistakes but it just means so much to me to have your kinds support and gentle words, you guys are like my awesome sugary pops <3 I’ll keep working hard and I hope you guys are hanging in there too! Talk to you guys later <3

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  1. I’m super excited about buying volume 1 🙂 I already have volume 2 and I am in LOVE…

  2. YES! Thanks for all the hard work of getting these up on Amazon. I can’t wait to start a collection.

  3. Omg finally! Yay! I’m so happy! I can buy them now! Whoo hoo! 😀

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