Ch 8 Page 8

Ch 8 Page 8

Being shuffled from one place to another, from one event to another event, not getting any rest or breaks in between can take a horrible toll on your health and mental strength, because of Krisa, Oriana is slowly starting to live that hectic sort of life style.

I know that we see other stars and singers living a very busy lifestyle and we usually have our words for that but this also makes me think about the own lifestyle that we live, we may not be in the lime light like them but have you had to get up early morning and then go to bed late at night? Have you gone almost 2 days without really speaking with loved ones or just gone  months without just having down time to unwind and relax?

Me may not be famous like the big stars but that still doesn’t mean that we still don’t work hard to the point that we put our own well being at stake. My mom raised me and my two sisters as a single parent and I remember the early mornings that we’d all get up for school and work and the late nights that we’d all return back home but we probably wouldn’t get to bed until hours later because we still had work to do around the home or work leftover to do from school or our jobs and then in just a few more hours we would have to get back up and do it all over again.

Of course everyone’s life and work load is different and I’m in know way stating that we’re working at the same crazy schedule as the big busy stars but I still think it’s important to take a look at our lives and see if maybe we might need to slow down a little too and take care of ourselves.

Easier said then done though, huh?

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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