Ch2 23

Ch2 23

Two more weeks till the rest of Chapter 2 is finally all online! YEA~

I’m getting started on scripting up chapters 4-6 and by the time all three of those chapters are finished *which should be in April or May it kind of all depends on how much time I’ll be able to sneak in to work on the pages while my kids are sleeping which is either A: early in the morning like 4am or B: in the afternoon during nap time….which isn’t really nap time but more like me telling them to lay down and take a nap and them doing the exact opposite……=.=*

Now before any of you start to get your tomatoes and pitch forks ready to hurl my way I just want to say that for those of you who have read my past work *like Bottled Prince* I’m sure you’ve noticed that one of the main things I do with my story is torment my main characters… that doesn’t sound very good but it helps bring the story a little bit of a kick for me. I don’t like stories where everything goes perfectly right for the main characters. It just isn’t relatable….at least not for me. Whenever somethings going smoothly in my life I start to get paranoid and looking around the corner because I know somethings about to happen to throw everything out of whack. I enjoy the brief moments of peace but stay ready and alert for the storm and that’s how I try to keep my mind set with my comics. Things go great for a certain point……well things weren’t to great from the beginning with Oriana, her dad isn’t returning her calls but happily taking her money, her cousin keeps nagging at her to get in the limelight when she doesn’t want to do that, her company’s CEO’s son smacked her butt during break time, which she in turned be the snot out of and lost her job… her cousin tricked her on a plane to South Korea where she’s humiliating herself on a Korean Variety Game show…….kind of a lot happening in these two chapters huh?

Oh and for those who really want to just finish up and read the rest of chapter two while helping to support the comic and website feel free to hop on over to my storenvy => *button to the left ^^*
and check out some of the book and art bundles I have available. When you purchase any of the items in the store you will receive the rest of chapter 1-2 in PDF form while you wait for your items to be mailed to you to hold with your own two hands.

Not really interested in reading the rest of chapter two since it’s only two more weeks till it’s all online? That’s okay ^^ I understand. Two weeks really isn’t that long of a wait….but what if I offered adding chapter 3 to the free PDF file you’ll receive with each purchase? Chapter 3 won’t full be online till march or April of 2013 and since I only have a limited amount of supplies to sell I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to offer Chapter 3 as a free gift with each purchase.

It looks like I only have three books left over. ^^ Supplies is almost gone~

For those of you who aren’t able to financially show your support that’s fine as well and I don’t want you to feel down or guilty about that because money is definitely hard to come by *believe me I know, I have a family of five right now so money is definitely not a close friend* but there is a way for you to still help show your support for the comic and site! If you look right above you’ll see my little vote incentive button and by clicking that you can help vote for Love! Love! Fighting! on Top Webcomics to help bring more exposure to my comic.

I’m so grateful to all of you who have been voting for me through out this whole month and so far I’ve been able to get out of my spot in the 600 and I’ve been able to keep a spot at about 290! (*´∀`*) Thank you sooooo much EVERYONE! This kind of support really helps me to stay encouraged and keep doing what I’ve been doing~ Also for today’s incentive I posted up a doddle page that I did while I was at the convention. I tried editing it and make the image more readily since I had to scan it in but this page is just poking fun at a chair incident that happened during the convention…..well it’s not really an incident because I made sure to nip it in the butt right away but it’s important enough for me to remember ^^

Also before I forget with storenvy since there is separate shipping an handling cost and USPS Priority mail right now is the cheapest and safest option available. Right now Priority Mail is from $5.15-$5.35  so I just wanted to let everyone know this.

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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