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July 20, 2012

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July 20, 2012

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  1. Ahah, I really like this story! There are times though when my excitement gets so high that when i see I’m on the last page i get angry and eat a tub of ice cream! I like Orianas personality, and I like her cousins way of thinking. I also like how Oriana knows that people make fun of er weight, showing that she is slightly self-conscious. But, with her smart mouth, she changes things around real quick!

    Please keep updating, I really like your stories, and can’t wait to read it again when its all over!

    • Thank you Nemaki! That makes me very happy to know that your enjoying the story so far as well! I plan on starting a kickstarter to have the first three chapters printed out plus a short preview of chapter for included so I really hope that will help bring more joy to all my readers ^^ I’m also glad to see that Oriana is relate-able. She and her cousin are a lot of fun to draw and write up so its good that Krisa doesn’t annoy to bad. Last time when I was mad and wanted to calm down I went and got me a value fry from wendy’s and a burger from bebops and went home and watched some of my favorite korean variety shows! Good times~

  2. Yay! I so totally forgot to check up on you and this!
    I’m glad to see that it is coming along so nicely~ :3
    I shall pay more attention now~

    Remember me?

    • That’s alright! I’m happy to see that you remembered me 😀 If I’m not mistaken this is Alti~ I believe you were one of my first paid commissioners off of DA! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget!

      • Glad you remember!
        But I won your contest and got free art 😛
        Which I still love~

        • I forgot that I held a contest!! I think I still have the image in my files on my computer O.O I’m glad you still enjoy the picture though ^^!

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