Ch3 10

Ch3 10

Edit: The deadline to turn in your questions that you have for the cast of Love! Love! Fighting! Will be April 1st. The answers to these questions will then be available to read in the printed version of the book.

Hi Everyone! I’m here to bring you another update and to say that I plan on uploading my new website layout hopefully soon! *Yay!* I’ve been working on it for a while now and finally have the coding finished and I will be putting the comic on a different CMS platform so that I can finally have an option on if I can do multiple page updates within on day instead of just one page update. ^^

Okay so on to a little more important news. I am currently getting close to the end of Chapter 5 *I’m about to start drawing in page 16 today* and after that I have chapter 6 and then it’s off to the printers in Aprils and because of that I wanted to see if any of you would be interested and reading a little question and answer skit that Oriana, Jae-hwa and the rest of the cast can do at the end of the volume. If you are interested in having that as extra material for the end of the volume just go ahead and either email me or leave a comment below of the questions that you might have for the character(s) and I can include that answers as a special for the printed books. Be aware that the cast will answer the questions according to their positions in the story right now.

I would have had this page up sooner but I had a minor operation to have done to my arm and it’s really sore right now and I’m starting to get the sleepy eye’s so I was having a tough time getting the page up.

Some more girly rambles below, you may highlight the bottom half if you want to read my unrelated to the comic girly ramble ^^;

Oh My Goodness! I have just found this amazing BB cream at the store after watching a video review about it! I’ve heard about BB cream before but I’ve never really thought about trying it out but so far I just LOVE it!!
I then ended up finding like this princess beauty cosmetic stuff and it was like my inner princess was just screaming to buy just about anything that I could get my hands on that looked cute and princess like ^^ I sometimes get envious of some of the pretty fashion, beauty blogs that do makeup and clothing reviews of a lot of really cool stuff. I really want to try out those circle lenses too. I just want to get like a big old princess dresser and put all of my princess non-sense on there and go around acting like a princess with my little toddler….*who I truly think she believes she is a princess…..thought that might be my fault since I’ve been calling her that probably since she was first born ^^;* If I’m wearing something that looks colorful and is long my daughter will go “woooo~ Mommy you princess!” and of course I would have to smile and say “Yes Mommy’s a princess, Queenie’s also a princess too.” My daughters name is Elizabeth and she is 3 but my sister gave her the name Queenie when she was first born so it’s stuck and it kind of suites her since she acts like a princess. Which is fine with me, as long as she’s the nice princess but who can still kick butt if she needs to…which when I had my other sister watch my kids for me she told me that she didn’t know how hood my little Queenie was and I’ve tried to tell people that she deceives them with her innocent looking smile and girlly giggles.

This audio recording will make more since if you read what was typed above, which you can see if you highlight it ^^
*There is no image to this video just audio of me and my daughter having a silly conversation.*

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I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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