Ch3 7

Ch3 7

Thank you so much everyone for you patience and concerned comments! They really help brighten my day while I struggled with mine and my kids sickness. I’m a little behind on responding to my comments but I plan on going back over my comment section and giving a proper response. I’ve gotten a lot better and so have the kids. Just a few stubborn coughs and snotty or runny nose to deal with but it’s a lot better then before. *There were points where I would wake up feeling like I was choking and then having to wear a mask because breathing became painful through my mouth and nose. I think I drank like two bottles of cold medicine O_O This was one of my worst colds in like two or maybe 4 years I can’t remember….I was probably to sick at that time. I do remember my temperature jumping up to 104 but at that time I still had to drive around to pick up the kids and the hubby from work. It’s a blessing that I didn’t get into a car crash driving with a high fever like that =_= but a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do to take care of the family matters.*

Now on to today’s page! It looks like both Krisa and Jae-hwa’s manager are going to have a run for their money when it comes to keeping track of those two ^^ It’s kind of like dealing with two toddlers, well in my case three, and once you finally caught up to run you have to look around to catch the other two and then once you think you have them all rounded up…..they all scatter off again one by one in an utter mass confusion of squeals and giggles. It’s like their noisy squeals have some kind of confusion power….like that one pokemon move in the pokemon games where its a sound effect that confuses the pokemon (Ω_Ω)Me and my kids are living a pokemon battle. I’m at a higher level but they out number me and have sneaky little attacks like that o(-`д´- 。)

Well enough of my rambling ^^; I had better get started on the rest of my updates for this site and my other site then on to working on Chapter 5 of the volume.

Like the image says above I will have to postpone today’s update. It doesn’t look like my cold is getting better but worse and it’s gotten so bad that I’m having a hard time focusing while trying to ink and draw so I’m very sad to say this but I’ll have to post up the next page when I’m able to get over this cold or at least until my head stops spinning. I planned on posting up some art process videos for this site and S.K.Y. Art and Design since I haven’t made any new updates on that site yet and I’m sure some of my viewers are worried that I dropped the project *I haven’t please bare with me, running two sites and doing art, writing, coding and taking care of family is taking up a lot of time but I promise to do an update when I get better Q^Q*

Again I really feel bad about getting sick and having to postpone today’s update but once I get better I will post up a proper update so please bare with me TT^TT

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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