Ch3 8

Ch3 8

I’m not sure if many of you heard that little saying that Krisa said at the end where she was going to pay him for old and new but for those of you who have heard this saying from a certain parent then I’m sure you all know the horror that can come from picking that option ^^;

It’s kind of funny but a lot of people seem to think that Oriana and Krisa are friends and not related at all. Oriana and Krisa are both real life cousins. Oriana is of course darker then Krisa because her mother is mixed *Half black/ half asian* and her Dad is full black so her features favor her dad more then her mother. While Krisa’s mother is full asian but her dad is mixed *half black half asian* so she favors more of her mother with her complexion but her hair texture is curlier and thicker so she tends to rock the afro style with her bangs pressed out straight.

In Chapter 5 you will learn more about Oriana’s and Krisa’s family. I’m use to having family members that are either darker than me or way lighter to where they look half way like their white but I’ve realized that other people find that strange or not really believable but I’ve also learned that just because you’ve never seen it doesn’t mean that it isn’t real or not possible. My Grandfather on my mothers side is mixed *half white half Indian* and my grandmother is just as light skinned but on my dad’s side I don’t believe that side of the family is mixed with anything so me and my sisters come out in different shades of brown. We all tease one another and get into fights but just like how Krisa said above my big sister also said just about the same thing a little while ago *She’s the only one that’s allowed to make her sister cry.* That’s sisterly love for you.

I love my family and I really love all of my sisters. Even though I’m now 24 *going on 25 in may* and have three kids there are still times where my sisters have to come to my rescue and protect me from people that hurt me or make me break down and cry. I thought that when I got older I wouldn’t need there protection or wouldn’t have to deal with school yard issues of being picked on to the point of tears and running back to you sisters and bawling like a baby but it still happens even at this age. I don’t think they read my comics, well except for one *Bonnie-vill!! I love youuuuuuXD* but if they do happen to read this post I just want to say this to them…….I’ll hide it in white so that they will have to highlight the rest of this page to read it.

Dearest Sisters,

Hurry up and finish reading the rest of my comic’s! I bet you haven’t even gotten past the second chapter of Bottled Prince and don’t you use the excuse that you’re busy because I asked you yesterday at Church what was you doing later and you said nothing but exercising ball or something so nerd it up and read my comic you fat heads!!

Love the baby sister,

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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