CH4 02

CH4 02

Looks like she still isn’t in the best of moods right now. It’s best to take that small hit as a tiny warning; Knowing Oriana she’s capable of much worse =__=;

With Anime-Zing under wraps I now have two more conventions that I’m getting ready for and I was thinking about getting Bottled Prince ready for print for those to conventions. Since the first chapter of Bottled Prince was all in color I decided to go ahead and color in chapters 1-7 *I believe it was either chapter 7 or 8 that had the colored page of the prince being taken over by Jedora’s curse* and get that printed out. The rest of the volumes will be in Black and white but I decided to go ahead and do the first volume in color since the first chapter was already in color and it wouldn’t make since to pay for the full color option and only have half of the book in color ^^;

Also for those of you interested in reading the completed volume 1 of Love! Love! Fighting! feel free to check out my online store by clicking at the link over at the right. Once you place your order I will also send you a PDF of the completed volume so that you don’t have to wait until your book arrives to read it all. I ship all of my items by 2-day Priority mail so it’s not a very long wait at all but I thin sending an email of the PDF is always and extra bonus for those who really want to read all 5 chapters now instead of waiting until the end of this year carrying on until the next year to finally read it all ^^. With that said I’ve also started working on Volume 2’s outline so I’m very excited to get started on working on that next once I finish up my other side projects.

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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