Boy, oh boy, did this page bring back some embarrassing memories >///< Seeing how I love talking about funny things I’ll go ahead and share my story and then you can share yours =D *not really fair to be forcing other people to share embarrassing stories just because I’m a chatterbox but oh well XD*

Okay so I remember back when I was still a young teenbopper and I was working at this amazing job called Tim Hortons -le sigh- I just loved that job, the people were colorful, even though I had a vendetta against one of the older guys that worked there because he was hitting on my mom >C Ohhhhh! Just remembering it makes my skin itch XC….but the other employees were just great! Okay, so anyways I remember this one really nice lady recently started working with us and she had a son that was way shorter then me but he was the cutest thing and not like the awww he’s so cute,  more like the wow, isn’t he cute >////<(oh my goodness why am I even telling this story……because it goes with today’s page and the vote incentive) So one night she ended up coming through the drive through to get something to eat (sometimes you could score free food if the right supervisor was there and if that supervisor was okay with you ^^;) so when she pulled up to the window it was actually her son that was driving the car and at that time I had already a ity bitty little crush on how his face looked. Mind you I never talked to the guy or anything just sort of noticed him, so when they pulled up, me of course being the awkward teenager that I was (and I don’t mean the awkward can’t talk to guys kind of teenager, I’m the one who went to a school dance and didn’t know how to dance, and wasn’t supposed to be there and saw my crush their dancing and when we had made a short eye contact I…winked….at….him…..while rolling my shoulders or bobbing them…..doing little cowboy gun motions with my fingers…….-sighhhhhh-) so she was reaching across her son to get her food and I was trying to be all cool and such because I figured I was older then him since…well since he was shorter and didn’t really look that old (again, slow, awkward teenager Q^Q) When she got her food I vaguely remember her teasing her son about me and I thought that I was playing it off all cool and such and when they drove away I remember looking back out the window, or at least the drivers mirror and saw him looking back and I all smiled/smirked at him =_____=I don’t really know how to make those faces that grown girls can make to show a boy that they are interested and I usually end up making a fool of myself or something TT^TT… yeah that’s my pointless little story ^^; Not really much and it’s seriously a wonder how in the world I got married in the first place ^^ Do you know that the conversation that I had with my husband even before we started dating was me rambling on about html codes and css codes TT^TT why was I so awkwarddddd!!! Of course he was interested in that as well so score! We now watch foreign movies and variety shows with the subtitles and laugh hysterically while were reading, my mom heard us one day when she called and said that we were both crazy XD


So what’s some of your guy’s funny awkward stories? =D

I might not be able to respond to all comments but I do read and appreciate each one. Thank you for understanding <3

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