Do all Drawing Tablets Require computers?

Do all Drawing Tablets Require computers?

The only drawing tablets that require either a computer or laptop would be the graphic drawing tablet and the display drawing tablet.

iPad Pro (left) Wacom Cintiq Display (Center) Wacom Intuos Graphic (right)

Since they don’t have a built in operational system like the iPad or Surface Pro tablet it needs to be connected to a computer with a pen stylus in order for them to be used and drawn on.

Wacom Cintiq Display

The way I see them is just big fancy-fied and some what expensive mouse and mouse pad.

Now not everyone has a computer or a laptop to lug around and for those digital artist I totally recommend you guys take a peek at the AMAZING art capabilities of Touchscreen Tablets

Standalone Drawing Tablets

Touchscreen tablets like the iPad, Surface Pro or Smasung Galaxy or even your touchscreen smartphone can actually be used as a drawing tablet!

iPad Pro with illustration drawn with Medibang Paint

What’s even better is that you can just download a free art app and use any general dollar store pen stylus to start drawing your artwork or webtoon right on your phone or handheld tablet!

iPad Pro, Apple Pen and ibispaint app

It literally feels like I’m drawing directly on a piece of paper whenever I’m drawing on the iPad, there’s no gap between the pen and the crusor at ALL! I LOVE IT!!

Here are a few of the art pieces that I created with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 

What should you do next?

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AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
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