How I Make a Webtoon right on my phone and tablet

I use free comic drawing apps like ibispaint or medibang paint to make my webtoon on my phone and iPad tablet~ The super cool thing about drawing on mobile devices is that the tablet screen size or my phone screen size doesn’t matter because art apps like ibispaint and medibang paint or optimized to format to any screen size and I legit LOVE that!

S-morishita Studio Anime Character Redraw + iPad Pro

Gone are the days of me having to zoom in and zoom out to read what tools I’m using in art programs! I have it optimized to whatever size automatically for me~ Technology~

~Ahem~ So as I mentioned the free software I use for drawing my webtoon is ibispaint and medibang paint but you can use any art software you’d like!

The 5 basic tools I look for to find a new potential art software would be:

  • A Pen tool for sketching, inking, coloring
  • A shape tool for making panel boxes or word balloons quickly
  • Layer Features so I can keep my inking layer seperate from my color layer for easy edit
  • Eraser for erasing….
  • Bucket tool for quick color fills~
Clip Studio Paint EX with Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

Now both medibang Paint and ibispaint have all of these features and then some, like pre-made images for background creation, comic fonts and screen tones for those who want to do a traditional screen tone style webtoon comic~

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Lastly the kind of tablet I recommend would be any tablet that has 8GB of RAM because ibispaint app, medibang Paint app and even the Clip Studio Paint app uses between 2-4GB of RAM.

If you are the type of person who likes to have multiple apps running at once while you work on your tablet then having that tiny extra RAM space helps you avoid your tablet lagging because it’s using all it’s RAM at once to have both apps open at once.

If you only plan on having one app running at a time and you are drawing just for fun and aren’t too bothered by slight lag or you don’t notice lag things then you should be totally fine with a 8GB tablet, but I get annoyed quick if my pen lags and isn’t moving at the speed of light!… I stick to 8-16GB of RAM~

The tablet I’m currently using is my iPad Pro from 2018 that has a 10 inch screen size and it has 64GB of RAM but if you’re a beginner that would be overkill and I had to save up over $600 for it.

iPad Pro 10 inch Tablet + Apple Pen with my Characters from my webtoon Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

I recommend the iPad that is about half the price of an iPad Pro would be a more budget friendly option~ Since I mostly use Apple products I feel more comfortable recommending them but they’re are even better budget friendly options just try to keep an eye on your RAM (8GB is what I like at a minimum) 

Learn How to Draw Webtoons even if you can’t Draw!

If you want to create a webtoon but you can’t draw then my webtoon workshop kit will be the perfect fit for you because I will show you how I use 3D models to do just that~ 

In this kit I have a workbook to help guide you through each webtoon creation stage as well as videos where I show my exact step-by-step process on how I create my webtoon that anybody can follow regardless of what their skill level is with art~

Learn How to make a Webtoon without Drawing!~

Even if you can’t draw a stick figure, if you follow along with this workshop kit by the end you will have achieved your goal by making your first 4 panel webtoon to share with the world!

A motto I like to follow is that art is not a one size fits all, there’s more than one way to make art~

Even if we can’t draw that’s okay because we know how to be creative problem solvers to still achieve our dream and make our webtoon stories!

Do you want to Learn How to Create a Webtoon But you don’t know where to Start?

Instead of combing through google to find all of your answer on what tools, software, publishing and marketing platforms webtoon artist use, check out my ebook instead! 

I answer all of those questions and then some to help get you started on the right foot and get your webtoon started!

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How to Start a Webtoon for Beginners

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