My Secret for Creating a Compelling Webtoon Comic

The way that I create my webtoon story that is compelling and connects with my readers is by sharing my own emotions or struggles through my characters and how I overcame that struggle or how an incident made me feel and doing that has helped me to reach over 22k subscribers currently.

Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! Webtoon Comic

I noticed that what connects us as living beings is our ability to share in our emotions. So when I make a webtoon about a character that is going through and incident that I went through that made me happy or sad, when others read it they connect with the story because they understand how that character feels within the story because they might have felt the same way in a similar situation.

That’s how I create a compelling webtoon, I make my webtoon stories around how I felt during certain situations. I learned that it doesn’t have to be a supper strong and heavy emotion, just re-telling a funny situation that happen to me but have my characters act out the situation in a webtoon is compelling enough~

One of my webtoons Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! is proof of that because it made the Top 10 Shoujo Manga bestsellers list and it’s an almost slice-of-life style story of a fake married couple.

I have my characters acting out all of the funny antics that happened within my marriage from stinky bathrooms to using loopholes to win/cheat at games.

What makes a webtoon comic compelling in my opinion is a story that connects to a shared emotions in some way.

Now after you’ve figured out an emotion you want to share based off your own experience or maybe based off of how a situation you saw or read made you feel, next up you’ll need to start creating the webtoon!

Let’s do a quick speed run of all the tools I use as a webtoon artist from start to finish!

Comic Script Writing Tools:

I legit will use the notepad app on my smartphone or a scrap of paper.

My script mostly consist of character dialogue and almost zero description of the characters outfit or clothes or scene.

Since I’m a one woman team I will skip the high novel like detail for writing my script and will just type out what a character is saying within each panel or scene of my webtoon

But if you are looking for a good writing program that will format your script for you in a screenplay or comic script industry style format then I totally recommend cletx! (It has a free online version that I love so I just wanted to throw that in there~)

Digital Webtoon Artist Drawing tools:

I draw my webtoon on my wacom cintiq display tablet but a great budget friendly option I’d recommend for beginners would be an iPad or any smart tablet with a tablet screen size of 10 inches.

The reason why I recommend a tablet screen size of 10 inches is only because it’s similar to the 8 x 10 sketchbooks I use to draw my comics in traditionally so the 10 inches is a size that I’m already comfortable drawing in.

If you’re comfortable drawing in a smaller size then you can totally get a smaller screen tablet. That’s the beauty of digital art, your tablet screen size can be as big or small as you want because it won’t effect the canvas size of your image you choose to draw in depending on what program you use.

Speaking of Programs~

Art Drawing Apps that Webtoon Artist Use:

I use Clip Studio Paint EX on my iMac Desktop computer (I need a computer to be connected to my display tablet in order for my display tablet to work which is also another reason why I recommend the iPad tablet for beginners who might not have a computer~)

Clip Studio Paint has a lot of comic specific features like pre-made webtoon page templates, pre-made image backgrounds and built in 3D models to help with dynamic character angels and character design consistency~

Now some great free alternatives to Clip Studio Paint EX that also have similar comic material features like word balloons, panel creator, pre-made backgrounds would be:

  • Ibispaint: (insert ibispaint image)
  • MedibangPaint: (insert medibang Paint image)and some free 3D model alternatives for character drawing or webtoon backgrounds would be:
  • Magic Poser App: (insert magic poser)
  • Home Design 3D: (insert home design)

I draw my webtoon fully digital but that doesn’t mean that you have to nor is it a requirement, this is just something I do because it saves me on buying more comic paper and ink….I already have an art hoarding addition so doing everything digital helps save my wallet.

Lastly once my webtoon is all drawn up I go and publish my webtoon for free on Webtoon Canva and Tapas because they don’t take any ownership or rights to my comic on their free platform since anyone can post there without being under one of the feature artist contracts~

Learn How to Draw Webtoons even if you can’t Draw!

If you want to create a webtoon but you can’t draw then my webtoon workshop kit will be the perfect fit for you because I will show you how I use 3D models to do just that~ 

In this kit I have a workbook to help guide you through each webtoon creation stage as well as videos where I show my exact step-by-step process on how I create my webtoon that anybody can follow regardless of what their skill level is with art~

Learn How to make a Webtoon without Drawing!~

Even if you can’t draw a stick figure, if you follow along with this workshop kit by the end you will have achieved your goal by making your first 4 panel webtoon to share with the world!

A motto I like to follow is that art is not a one size fits all, there’s more than one way to make art~

Even if we can’t draw that’s okay because we know how to be creative problem solvers to still achieve our dream and make our webtoon stories!

Do you want to Learn How to Create a Webtoon But you don’t know where to Start?

Instead of combing through google to find all of your answer on what tools, software, publishing and marketing platforms webtoon artist use, check out my ebook instead! 

I answer all of those questions and then some to help get you started on the right foot and get your webtoon started!

Download my Webtoon for Beginners ebook where I cover how to start, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

How to Start a Webtoon for Beginners

Also if you’re looking for a romance webtoon with a chubby female main character as the love interest then check out the ever so chaotic and wholesome webtoon Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

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