How I Promote My Webtoon On Instagram

How I Promote My Webtoon On Instagram

I use hashtags to help me promote my webtoon on Instagram but I don’t just post any hashtag, I want to make sure they’re relevant so that I can target the audience my webtoon is meant for.

Also I track track the post saturation which can play a very big key roll to helping my post get more engagement and increases the impression.

The reason I try to keep the keywords relative is because it’s kind of like a library.

If I see a cooking book in the fantasy story section then it’s out of place and I’m going to ignore it because I’m not looking for a cook book I’m looking for a fantasy book.

My Hashtags Relevance Advice

When looking for hashtags I try to go for what’s relevant to what I’m posting so since I’m posting a clip of my webtoon I usually go for webtoon hashtags.

Why is hashtag relevance important? The hashtags are another way that the algorithm helps to sort and filter in their search.

So if someone clicks the webtoon tag because they want to see webtoons then all post tagged with the webtoon should pull up which leads to the person that searched for it engaging with the post.

This is why it’s important for you to make sure your hashtags are relative to your post. Keep in mind that this can have the opposite effect if you tag your webtoon with a hashtag that’s not relative which will then lead to it not engaging with the audience that you want or the audience that even wants to look at it, thus this can end up hurting your engagement.

From my research this can have a negative affect with the algorithm pushing out your content.

Another strategy that I like to do is when I’m searching for relative hashtags I also look at the number of post within that hashtag.

Check the Hashtag Saturation

When I search for hashtags I like to keep an eye on how many post are within that hashtag.

I like to do a mixture of high saturated tags and low saturated tags to help increase the chances of my instagram post to be noticed despite the high competition.

Group your Hashtags by Saturation

To help me save time from constantly searching hashtags over and over right when I’m creating my webtoon post in instagram, I save a group of my go to hashtags.

You can split your hashtags into groups of high post saturation and low post saturation. That way you can have a nice blend of both to go within your post.

If you’re not sure what is considered a high post saturation and a low post saturation then a good way to test and find out that answer is that can be to group them in counts of 10,000.

After you test out how much engagement each one brings and recalculate what post saturation number is small or high based on how much engagement your received.

  • So from 0-10,000 can be your small group
  • From 20,000-30,000 can be your medium group
  • From 40,000-50,000 can be your high group
  • and anything 100,000 and above that can be considered your Top Saturated group.

Now just because it’s overly saturated don’t let that stop you from adding the hashtags to it because the lower saturation tags can help you get more engagement which will then help trigger the algorithm to push your post more.

Thus if your content is relevant to the hashtag then more people will engage with it and then eventually your post can start showing up in the higher saturation tag that you added because you’re post is now getting that attention build up from the lower hashtags.

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

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