Top 3 Skills you need to Start a Webtoon

Top 3 Skills you need to Start a Webtoon

Practicing self-awareness of your burnout signs, consistency despite the obstacles and patience’s are the top 3 skills I learned when starting a webtoon.


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Now this is my personal opinion but I think one of the most important skills to have when you want to start making your own comic book is to have ingenuity. 

The definition of ingenuity is: “The quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful.”

Also the definition of resourcefulness is: “The ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.”

It’s easy to tell someone to be resourceful but I want to help share with you how I go about being resourceful so that I can start a webtoon.

Practice Self-Awareness

When I first started making webtoons or even when I first started out as a comic artist I faced A LOT of obstacles. So I have to be self-aware of the things that are or might be in my way.

Starting a webtoon isn’t an easy task and I know this because just starting is the first obstacle that I face whenever I want to make a webtoon.

To help me get over my obstacles I like to first identify them; why? Because if something is stopping you from moving you have to look to see what it is so that you can find a solution to either go around it or get it out of your way.

So first I list my obstacles and then before I start to go down my negative railroad of listing all the things that’s in my way of starting my webtoon I move on to step two!

Challenge Myself to Find Solutions

For every obstacle I want to list off a positive and practical solution. My goal is to start a webtoon, it’s not to discourage myself from creating a webtoon just because I have all of these doubts.

Sometimes I find myself railroading on a negative train of thought about all the reason why I can’t start a webtoon. I also find myself beating myself up for why I haven’t started my webtoon.

I want to start valuing finding a solution instead of complaining or getting stressed about starting or why I haven’t start.

I’m learning more and more each day that a lot of comic creation starts in the mind. I’m noticing that my headspace has to be in a positive take action state instead of a negative I can’t do this state.

I want to be someone that looks for a solution instead of getting derailed because of the obstacles. 

I want to power forward cause there’s a story that I want to make and I’ve got to find a way to make it no matter what!

Be Patient with Myself

After I list off my solutions I have to take action. Now one of the actions that I like to keep in mind is to be patient with myself.

When it comes to my comic creation journey it’s not something that I can achieve overnight (trust me I’ve tried and I’m just not cut out for that but I am throughly inspired and encouraged by those who do!)

There are some days where I’m not on fire to start a webtoon. Sometimes I don’t have a solution to an obstacle right away and have to wait a few days until I can finally see one or wait till it passes.

For me and my journey I want to allow myself to be okay with that because this is my personal journey and know one else. I want to enjoy the process by allowing myself to be human and to be kind to myself.

I have a lot of comic ideas that I want to make in the future. If I torture myself through the process then I’m going to get burned out and hate it…which has happened to me multiple times.

Life is too short for me to live it beating myself down that I slipped up one day and didn’t do anything on my action plan. 

So if while I’m on this journey I need to keep in patience in mind.

What about you?

What about you guys? How do you go about starting your webtoon? Is there a mental break down that you first have to do or is it all just action sequences? 

If you already have these steps in the bag and want to know what tips and tools you can use to get started then check out my blog: How to start a webtoon: 5 tips for beginners.

AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
“Could something that began as a petty obligation turn into something genuine?”

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