3 Easy Pro Tips on How to Publish A Comic Book

3 Easy Pro Tips on How to Publish A Comic Book

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I use a Display Tablet and Clip Studio Paint to draw my Webtoon Comic books and Amazon KDP to print and publish online~

I was told that my work wasn’t good enough and that I wouldn’t get anywhere with my art.

After some time I eventually dropped out of that art college and started focusing not on pursing perfection but chasing happiness in creating my comics.

I now have 4 published books on amazon. I’ve gone to comic conventions where people that ordered my book searched for me so they could ask me to sign their copy.

It looks like those things that the teacher said, possibly out of concern for me going down a career path that they didn’t believe would be successful for someone like me, were proven wrong.

Step 1: Finish your Script


Here’s a quick rundown(Imma need that rundown..office reff🤣) how I published my own comics🥰 I blog about this on s-morishitastudio.com #authorcheck

♬ Lose Control – Meduza & Becky Hill & Goodboys

You might be wondering where do you go with your comic idea?

Well after you have the general idea of what your comic will be you need to start making a script.

I usually write out or type my script in a simple note program since my script is usually just lines of Dialouge.

webtoon panel
Webtoon Panel Tutorial

I’ve also used a free online program called cletx. Keep in mind they do have a paid version but the free version worked perfect for me. 

how to publish a comic

They have it where you can easily outline any comic script with there character and narration tags.

Step 2: Grab a free art program

Now if you want to buy and art program you are more than able to. I use clip studio paint for the 4 books that I’ve published.

If you don’t have the funds then any free art program with layer options will do.

I personally like MediBang paint but there are a list of many others that I wrote about a few here in my blog post 5 Tips for Beginners.

Beginner Webtoon Artist Tips

I’ve also included a few budget friendly drawing stylus/tablets in there as well.

Recommended Drawing Supplies And Tablets

The tablet that I use right now is called the cintiq 24HD. It’s no longer in production but they’re are other tablets similar to it.

Now these are is more of an investment so I don’t recommend beginners starting off with these. For more budget friendly tablets I do recommend these listed below. I’ve used them and I love them to pieces and still have them whenever I want to be more portable with my digital drawing.

If you don’t want to do your comic digitally that’s totally okay because you can also draw your comic with comic paper. I have a few of my favorite manuscript papers that I order from amazon.

When it comes to draw my comics I usually stick to Clip Studio Paint for the desktop computer. You can also use Medibang Paint if you don’t have the funds to invest in Clip Studio Paint!

After you got your supplies go ahead and get started on drawing out the script.

Step 3: Publish on Amazon KDP

After you have it all drawn up you can now upload your image files onto amazon kdp!

They have a free ISBN that you can use if you want to also sell your book on amazon but don’t have the funds to cover your own ISBN number cost.

After you have everything uploaded on there you can go ahead and hit submit!

You’ve now just published your own comic just like me! 

What should you do next?

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer them!

I also have a free ebook where I cover how to make, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

How to make webtoon comic guide

Also if you’re looking for a wholesome, fake marriage trope, AMBW manga webtoon to read to pass the time then you might want to check out Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! AMBW Webtoon comic
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