How to Create a Webtoon Account

Do you want to start publishing your webtoon on Webtoon LINE? Here are a few simple but exciting steps Create a Webtoon Account!

  1. Step 1 go to webtoon’s website at
  2. Step 2 click the log in button and fill in your email address 
  3. Step 3 next fill in your password (also fill in the re-type just to be safe you typed your password correctly.)
  4. Step 4 next if it promotes you then fill in your nickname and click the sign up now button

Now if you’d like to skip all of that you can also sign up with your social media account like facebook and google, etc

How do I sign up for Webtoon on my tablet?

You can sign up for webtoon on both your computer and on your tablet!

All you have to do is click the Sign Up button. If you’re having trouble finding it here are a few pictures below to help you visually see where you need to go:

Create a webtoon account

Is a Webtoon account free?

Signing up to create a webtoon account and posting your webtoon comic is free. Even their webtoon app is free which is AWESOME! Who doesn’t love free webtoons to read and a weekly bases? 

They do have a fast pass option for their exclusive webtoon creators. You will need to purchase Coins to be able to read the earliest episodes but don’t worry if you have no money for coins because again they’re all released to the public for free after a certain period of time.

How do you publish a Webtoon on a Phone or iPad?

If you want to start publishing your webtoon comic from your iPad or phone to webtoon site then all you have to do is click the little publish button that’s right beside where the login and sign up button was located.

If you are doing this on your phone or tablet then I want you to take a look at the url and see if it looks a little something like this:

or if it looks like this:
Create a webtoon account

Now if it does I want you to change the url address to look like this:
Create a webtoon account

What we did here was we took away the part of the url that redirects you to their mobile site because right now they don’t have that option to publish your webtoon from their mobile app.

Doing this sneaky little switch-a-roo can help you access their desktop version right on your phone!

Now after that all you have to do is click the black publish button and fill in the necessary fields to create your series! Easy-Peasy right?

Create a webtoon account

Also if you’d like to know what format file your webtoon should be in I did write up another blog post about that if you’d like to check that out.

How to Create a Webtoon || Line Webtoon Format

Do you have a webtoon account?

If so let me know in the comment section below so that I can see your lovely webtoon!

As always don’t forget make sure above all else you’re prioritizing your happiness and enjoying your comic journey! 

interracial couple webtoon

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