How to Make a Webtoon: 5 Tips for Making your Webtoon Faster in Clip Studio Paint

How to Make a Webtoon: 5 Tips for Making your Webtoon Faster in Clip Studio Paint

I’ve made over 5+ webtoons and have published over 6+ books all while being a mother of 3 so I wanted to share some of my tips on how I speed up my process making my webtoon in Clip Studio Paint EX

Webtoon Artist Tip 1:

I use premade 3D models for my webtoon backgrounds because not only does it help me create backgrounds super fast without having to build it from scratch but if I want to add to the background there is a snap to feature for the perspective rule that comes built into the 3D models.

Webtoon Background Speedpaint using 3D models

Also with the 3D models there is a feature that allows me to change the body size and save that style for future use that way I can customize the 3D model one time and save it for use later and it also makes it easier to draw my character in different angles for my webtoon which is an awesome feature for people who want to make webtoons but they can’t draw, you can feel free to use the 3D model tool that Clip Studio Paint provides just like I do~

Webtoon Artist Tip 2:

To help me find an angle a lot faster for the 3D model faster I like to use Clip Studio Paint camera preset where it has a selection of default angles because trying to position them manually myself typically results in me getting mentally exhausted from decision burnout.

Clip Studio Paint 3D Model Camera Preset Angles

Webtoon Artist Tip 3: 

To help me color the shadows and highlights for my webtoon I like to use the multiple and overlay/screen layer setting that way I can do both shadows and highlights with a simple grey color instated of having to go back and forth trying to pick different dark and light colors from the color wheel.

Check Out S-Morishita Studio Youtube Channel to see how I color my Webtoon Comic Artwork

Webtoon Artist Tip 4:

I like to use the frame border folder to do my webtoon panels super quickly because not only is it a layer mask that hides any linear that may go outside of the lines without me having to erase it BUT it also allows me to easily change the size and shape of the panel without having to re-draw the panel all over again.

Webtoon Artist Tip 5:

My finally tip I like to do is using Clip Studio Paint EX Story edit feature to add all of my lines of dialogue to all of my page files all at once which is super helpful because I will get confused on which page I selected and end up putting the wrong text on the wrong file and this also saves time on me having to wait for each page to open and load just to add the text.

clip studio paint ex story edit feature for catch me! Fight me! Love Me! Webtoon
Clip Studio Paint EX Story Edit Feature for Webtoon Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

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How to Make a Webtoon

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