Tablet Screen Size for Making a Webtoon on an iPad

The tablets that I use to make my webtoon are the iPad Pro and the a wacom cintiq display table but a budget and mobile friendly alternative that I recommend to use to make a webtoon is with an iPad Pro Tablet that has a screen size of 10 inches~

Wacom Cintiq 24HD vs iPad Pro Tablet

If you’re looking for a good tablet screen size to draw on then I definitely recommend a the 8-10 inch tablet screen sizes because they are similar to the size of my generic drawing sketchbook so it feels super comfortable and wide enough surface size to draw on~

iPad Pro 10inch Tablet Screen vs Sketchbook

NOW~ Here’s every FREE apps/tools you can use to make a webtoon only using an iPad Pro or you can legit use ANY iPad of just about any year or generation because the apps I will cover are compatible with each one~

How to make a webtoon on an iPad Tablet:

Drawing Apps Webtoon Artist use:

Clip Studio Paint EX, Medibang Paint, ibispaint, JUMP Paint

-These art programs that I listed have comic specific features and tools like pre-made word balloons, comic fonts and comic backgrounds but that doesn’t mean you are limited to using these programs to draw your webtoon.

Here are a few other alternatives that people have used as well:

CorelDraw, Procreate, Photoshop, Krita, Firealpaca, Sketchbook, illustrator 

3D Background Apps:

Clip Studio Paint, SketchUp, HomeDesign 3D

-These programs have 3D models built into them which is what I love to use to help me make my backgrounds because not only is it so much fun but it helps to take out any of the perspective guess work and its super quick to just drag and drop a finished background if you’re using interior design apps like HomeDesing 3D~

3D Model Doll Posing Apps:

Clip Studio Paint, Magic Poser,

-I love using these 3D model feature because it’s just like the posable doll we use in art class to help us figure out an angle but now it’s all digital and it’s even more helpful with coming up with fun dynamic angles or just simple fun character walking poses for a scene in my comic~

FREE Webtoon Comic Publishing Platform:

Webtoon Canva, Tapas and Dillyhub

These are a few of the free webtoon comic platforms that I post on or have come in contact with that not only help with automatically resizing my files for me to fit on their platform but they’re also free and have their own built in audience for me to share my work to and grow awareness for my comic!

Best of all they don’t claim any IP ownership of my work and I don’t have to worry about any exclusivity contract or monthly fee payment to use their platform which is a big plus for me because we like budget friendly options over here!

Lastly I just want to say that technically you can use just about any art app but I just wanted to list the ones I use and then some alternative apps that others have used to make their webtoon as well without using a computer~

Do whatever works best for you! Art creation isn’t one size fits all, art is freedom~

Learn How to Draw Webtoons even if you can’t Draw!

If you want to create a webtoon but you can’t draw then my webtoon workshop kit will be the perfect fit for you because I will show you how I use 3D models to do just that~ 

In this kit I have a workbook to help guide you through each webtoon creation stage as well as videos where I show my exact step-by-step process on how I create my webtoon that anybody can follow regardless of what their skill level is with art~

Learn How to make a Webtoon without Drawing!~

Even if you can’t draw a stick figure, if you follow along with this workshop kit by the end you will have achieved your goal by making your first 4 panel webtoon to share with the world!

A motto I like to follow is that art is not a one size fits all, there’s more than one way to make art~

Even if we can’t draw that’s okay because we know how to be creative problem solvers to still achieve our dream and make our webtoon stories!

Do you want to Learn How to Create a Webtoon But you don’t know where to Start?

Instead of combing through google to find all of your answer on what tools, software, publishing and marketing platforms webtoon artist use, check out my ebook instead! 

I answer all of those questions and then some to help get you started on the right foot and get your webtoon started!

Download my Webtoon for Beginners ebook where I cover how to start, publish and monetize a webtoon comic for beginners!

How to Start a Webtoon for Beginners

Also if you’re looking for a romance webtoon with a chubby female main character as the love interest then check out the ever so chaotic and wholesome webtoon Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me!

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