How to Make a Webtoon: 3 Top Comic Background Effects Webtoon Artist Use

How to Make a Webtoon: 3 Top Comic Background Effects Webtoon Artist Use

While I can use a perspective ruler to draw my backgrounds by hand I wanted to share some time saving and fun little background styles effects that I use in Clip Studio Paint that beginners can start using to make their webtoons today~

Lineart for Black and White webtoon background:

With Clip Studio EX they have a feature that lets you extract the lines from 3D models so all that’s left is a really cool line art of the building without all of the colors and shadows~ 

Catch Me! Fight Me! Love Me! Webtoon Background

Tone for Greyscale/Manga Style webtoon background:

Another little effect that I love with Clip Studio Paint is that it has the effect that will turn 3D models or photos into a tone style background which is also perfect for manga style backgrounds if you are wanting to do a more manga style webtoon~

Clip Studio Paint EX line extract

Color for Anime Style webtoon background:

As I mentioned before Clip Studio Paint does have 3D models that are built in and free for artist to use to make their backgrounds and one of the biggest effects that I love with the 3D models is the ability to move the shadows around to help change the time of day for a specific scene I want to do for a background which is super helpful because my mind can’t visualize where the shadows should typically go so this is a great tool that I like to use for making my webtoon backgrounds.

Photo Filter for non-3D model webtoon background:

One super quick and easy way I like to do my backgrounds is by using the auto-action effect which gives a photo filter style look to my photos or imported images so they will look like a cartoon webtoon style background~ 

There is one auto-action I really like because it looks like a watercolor effect which I used to on a photo of my room and turned it into this webtoon anime style scene.

I think it’s super pretty for bright morning scenes or helps to set the tone for mellow gloomy scenes~

S-Morishita Studio photo to webtoon background trace over drawing

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AMBW and BWAM manga manhwa webtoon
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