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I have a new poll up and as you can see I was interested it getting Love!Love!Fighting!’s first three chapters printed up. Chapter 3 won’t be posted on my site until sometime in December but the whole chapter would have already been draw up by July so I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in backing up my Kickstarter program to get the first 3 chapters printed up and shipped off. You’ll be able to read all 3 chapters way before December and if you’d like to have a printed version of the old chapter one I could include that too. Now I know not everyone has the money to be able to help participate in the kickstarter program or some might be a little weary of giving out there address to have something shipped to them. Well that’s alright because I was thinking about having the PDF version of all 3 chapters available for just $5. So you will still be able to read the 3 chapters even if you don’t have a lot of money you just won’t be able to have a nifty and sparkly printed copy in your hand. So if you all could vote in the poll which I will keep up for another 2 weeks then this will really help me give some insight on whether I should print this or not. Of course I have a few other reward idea’s in mind but since this would be my first I just wanted to test the waters and see where I should start.
Of course this is still just an idea that I was thinking about and just wanted to get your input on this to help me clear my thoughts a little better. Okay so I’m done talking about that lets move on to the next subject of the matter ^^

How’s everyone’s week been? Have any of you started any new comics? ….Have you stopped any new comics? …….Have you just given up or felt like giving up comicking all together because you feel like a talentless hack who only waster her time trying to draw and never any better because her work looks nothing like all the other popular comic artist and she can’t seem to stay focused on one thing to long because she get distracted by a new cartoon show or food or games or-or!-……*ahem* Well don’t get down on yourself because you are definitely not alone ^^


I constantly fight within myself on whether I’m good enough to be a comic artist and thoughts do pop in my head on those dark gloomy day’s telling me to just give up because know one really likes what you draw, even though I’ve been getting such kind comments. You can call it one of those crazy days because all those negative thoughts that come to your head just get to you really bad during those crazy days but luckily I’ve been able to keep my mind on just telling my story and doing what I want to do whether someone likes it or not and it’s that love and dedication that I have to my work, to keep drawing even if I feel down because I really want to tell my story, that helps me to get through those unmotivated days. It’s kind of like a relationship. For example my family can really make me so happy sometimes that I just want to bake cookies and cakes for all of them then sometimes they can hurt me so bad that I never want to talk to them again and think they stink and I stink and I should just disappear then other times they can piss me off so bad that I just want to throw it all in the air and say “What’s the use!” but in the end I don’t because they’re my family and that’s what family do. They make you emotional.

Now this might not be the same way for other people but I can say that for me that’s how comic and art is. It makes me so emotional but I just can’t throw it away. Art is apart of me and my stories that I want to tell is so important that even if I feel like throwing it away I press through and do what I can to get back in the game. Again this doesn’t apply to everyone I’m just talking about my own confusing experience. I’m not always the best at explaining myself with words, thus that’s another reason why I draw comics because I can use pictures to express what I’m trying to say, but if some of you are feeling like you’ll never get better at something or that you should just give up because you art doesn’t look as good as someone else then I’m going to go ahead and share with you a few images that I shared at a different site about a year or so ago. Now try not to laugh to hard but if you must then feel free to because it is quit…..different.

This is what I made when I was 15 and I had no computer to draw on nor authentic comic supplies to work on. All I had was some colored pencil scraps given to me by family members or yard sales and I drew on that copy paper that you find at office jobs. My mom worked in an office job so I was at least able to get a good amount of paper from there. I was also able to stumble upon some really neat card stock paper that I used for the cover of my comic and my mom spiral bound it at Kinko’s for me so I could feel all happy and fuzzy inside. I was so proud of this back then but now when I look at it I just….my goodness it looks soooooo bad~ So I decided to share this with everyone ^^

Now these pages are from an old comic that I stopped doing because I just didn’t have a core for the story. There wasn’t really a reason why the character was even there and I was just focused on drawing all these cool events that I wanted her to go through but I didn’t have a meaning for her to exist. There was a main issue that she had to overcome or something that she had to learn and even when I did come up with something it just didn’t seem fun or interesting so I dropped it. I’ve learned now from a lot of my past mistakes so making stories that actually go some place and have an ending isn’t hard for me like it use to be. I’ll post up some links that I shared with a few others to some post about storytelling and making your own comic.

Now of course there are a lot of other old comic pieces that I have but I;ll only torture you all with just these few ^^ The program that I used to color those pages was I believe paint shop pro or photoshop element or something like that. I was still very wet behind the ears when it came to coloring but I think I’ve gotten better. For example I’ll go ahead and show a screen cap of the visual novel Curse of the Caribbeans, that I’m currently updating.

Here is the background image just encase you wanted to see what it looks like~

Well anyhoo *tries to act like no one noticed the shameful visual novel plug (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ* I hope some of what I rambled on about was a little inspiring and informative and as promised here are some of the links that I’ve shared with others and was talking about earlier on in the post.
How to write a comic book script
-How to write comics that engage your audience
-How to pick your next personal project
-Write comics mystery *this one was very helpful to me because it helped me understand why my stories seemed to not go anywhere so this might help those who have and issue with that to or at least give you a better understanding on how to fix that.*

If I find anything else helpful to share I’ll make sure to do so and if you’d like to help make me happy and show your support for Love! Love! Fighting! Feel free to vote for me over at Top Webcomics.
With the voting done for what incentive you’d like I will go ahead and start rotating the incentives with the rough draft preview of the next page the first few days then the next few days I will do the Mommy Dairy comic strips.

Curse of the Caribbean Update~

May 11, 2012

Special Day Update Scheduled *May 15 Tuesday*

May 11, 2012