Curse of the Caribbean Update~

Okay after talking things over with my editor Cara I have finally come to a conclusion to a few game add on and changes to the demo. I plan on release a demo 2.0 with some extra scenes and a few scene changes to help better show the personality of the characters and why they do the things they do. I hope to have the codes typed up and sent over to Cara before the week ends but with the comic work and game art work and regular illustrations, plus family life and what not I’m not sure I can set that date in stone but I sure enough will try to! So please expected some very new and eye opening things with the next demo release!

Special Two day Update ^^

May 10, 2012

Page 9 of Chapter 1 is up~

May 10, 2012

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  1. I really enjoyed the demo for the visual novel it was very good and I am patiently waiting to see the next demo and the game finished.
    It game me a different feel then other games i played so far.

    • Thank you Nakia! I’m really glad to know you enjoyed it too! It makes me even more happy to see that it does stand out a little differently then the other visual novels out there. I really wanted to focus on the storytelling part and not really a video game but either way thank you for letting me know that you enjoyed it and I’ll be able to work on the visual novel full version by the end of July to the beginning of August once I get chapter 3 of my comic drawn up ^^

  2. Just came across your site and your VNs look super-interesting! Looking forward to the next demo release and the full games themselves! 🙂

    • Thank you Kate for stopping by^^! I’m glad you were able to still enjoy the visual novel even though it’s not like a lot of the other normal visual novels ^^; I’ll make sure to keep posting up blog updates so you and the others will know the progress of it.

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