Special Day Update Scheduled *May 15 Tuesday*

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I’m not sure if many of you have noticed yet but someones birthday is coming up this month *cough cough*may 15th this Tuesday*cough cough* and to celebrate I was thinking that maybe I would do a special early update on Tuesday. I still plan on updating on Friday but just as a special celebration to me and to share my joy with everyone else I think I might do that….though that’s not much of a birthday present for me…though getting such kind comments about my comic and such actually is like a present so I think doing a special page update is a perfect way to fish for more comments so it will make my birthday even more enjoyable. *I am not ashamed! I have been hooked by the comment bug but it’s my birthday on Tuesday so there!*

Seriously though I’m really excited to get the second chapter draw up which I believe a lot of my old readers of chapter 2 will be very happy to see again ^^ I also really want to get to chapter 3 because I’m also really excited to draw up that chapter! I’m having so much fun with the story so far that even though I might not get a comment on something I can still enjoy my work for just being a fun story for me to draw and not just enjoy it because of all the feedback I get, though that is still good ^^;. So make sure to stop back in sometime on Tuesday to see the new comic page and feel free to help spread the word about my comic. I did have a little more that I wanted to type about but I didn’t want it to turn into a little rant so for now this is all that I will say and also once again Thank you for all the kind comments! I’m so happy that you all are enjoying the comic so far! Now I’m off to get back to work~


Page 9 of Chapter 1 is up~

May 14, 2012

Page Update!

May 14, 2012