Second kickstarter milestone reached!!

Hi everyone! The comic has been updated and I’m happy to announce that we reached our second milestone with our kickstarter. So today I wanted to re blog a article that I made back in 2012. I hope all of you inspiring comic creators will enjoy it 😀

*I hope this is in the right theard. I put it in the wrong on last time and deleted it so I hope I’m right this time.*
There have been a lot of times when I work on my comic and I’m either stressed or in a rut and I just couldn’t get my mind to think straight and come up with a page layout after looking over my script. My husband then step in and helped by drawing out what he saw when I told him the script and from his doddle I was able to come up with the composition. This process or way of doing things when I can’t think really helps. *My hubby’s kind of like my comic assistant ^^*

Husband’s assistant sketch:

Then here is what I was able to finally come up with with his help:

After that I clean up the sketch on a new layer:


Then I ink everything in:

Then I add the text and tone in and I’m done:

I think what helps to get your mind thinking is possibly have a friend or family member help sketch out what they see in the script you wrote and then that might help get those creative brain cells swimming so you can figure out the page composition like that That’s all I have for my process on how I make my comic pages when I’m stressed or in a rut.

I’ve changed my process and toning style a lot but I think this article could still me of some help.

Love! Love! Fighting! Kickstarter is Live <3

May 4, 2014

Volume 2 page 1 has been updated! Kickstarter update <3

May 4, 2014

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  1. Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd! I just saw your video on Youtube. I loved it! You’re such a sweet, kind and cute person and what you’re doing is really really cool! I want to be able to support you any way I can. Once I get this job, I’m totally going to start buying key-chains, books, and trinkets from you!


    • You and your hubby are so cute together it makes me weep with joy and jealousy Q~Q <3

  3. WOW. This is amazing!! You and your hubby can be like, the Bonnie and Clyde of comic composition 😉 Unbeatable no matter the rut!

    And you’ve got some pretty off the charts imaginative skills girl. Too awesome ^-^

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