Volume 2 page 1 has been updated! Kickstarter update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to stop by quickly to let you all know that the comic has been updated, I’ve been fighting with this horrid cold since Monday but I hope to be better by Sunday ^^; trying to draw and deal with kids while getting things ready for the kickstarter and convention is draining @^@ but the world doesn’t stop moving just because your sick so let’s get to it!

First off we are now at 82% with the kickstarter, I’m nervous but excited and there are a few comments that I want to try to respond to in regards to the international shipping with the kickstarter and the update schedule of the comic on this website. Once things settle down I’ll sit down and right up a detailed FAQ and even add in my little chibi’s to help further explain things in the cutest way possible (I’m seriously scaring off my male demography with all my cute, pink and fully drawings and website but I can’t help it, I’m going through my cute phase. With Bottled Prince I was going through my monster phase but now it’s gone pink but I just recently finished an illustration and there are monsters in the background and I have to tell you…..I kind of miss drawing the scary looking things so who knows ^^;)

Once the kickstarter is finished the book will be available to purchase online through amazon and I will make sure to post the link on the site to take you right to were you can buy it. Also the books will be available to put in your public libraries as well if the library is interested in having them. I would love to drive down to Burlington again to meet with the Anime Club and gift them with a box of the books ^^ Same thing for the Public Library over in Georgia and St Louis. I really had a lot of fun talking with all the different young people apart of the comic and anime clubs at those schools and libraries. I never really expected anyone to have much interest in me and in what I do and I just sort of felt like that boring old stay at home mom&house wife but after receiving all of these comments (which I really want to sit down and answer all of them in great detail) I’m just blown away by all of this kind support and the interest in what I do and how I do it.

Things are still really busy over here and they probably won’t settle down until after the month of July (I have about 3 comic conventions that I plan on attending ^^;) but once they settle down and I get a good rest I plan on making a sort of master blog post to talk about this whole whirlwind of a kickstarter. I’m going to go lay back down for a few more hours because my chest and throat is hurting so bad and I need this cold to go away so that I can finish the rest of these comic pages easier <3


Second kickstarter milestone reached!!

May 10, 2014

Progress Update!

May 10, 2014