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After on the rode for about 10 hours I’m very tired and a bit out of it because I haven’t had much rest so I will have to post up a proper blog once I take a nap. So if your interested in seeing what I might have to say feel free to stop back in later on today but for now please enjoy the new comic page =.= Thank you for reading it~soooo sleepy~

Special Day Update Scheduled *May 15 Tuesday*

May 25, 2012

Weekly Page Update! Ch1-13 is up~

May 25, 2012

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  1. Oh, and I could contribute a little bit to a kickstarter project (not a whole lot though, I’m sorry to say!) I could at the very least advertise/spread the word, though! I could do it on Manga-Apps, too, since Love!Love!… is a previous winner. 8D

    • Taylor you’ve already done so much for me in helping me improve my storytelling and helping me to afford to get more art material and even getting me those wonderful art micro pens *I’m still hording them away but I finally have a special project that I want to use them for ;)* so you don’t have to do any of that at all…buuut~ if you insist on plugging it over at manga-apps then I wouldn’t mind (。´∀`)ノ I plug the manga-apps site just about each time I mention the comic anywhere. It’s a very helpful group, I still stop by to check things out or find some resources! It kind of shocks me when I look back at where Bottled Prince and Love!Love!Fighting! started from. Both were comic entry’s to manga-apps first and second comic contest ^^ I would be more than happy to offer any advice to the contestants with the next contest because I learned a lot over these past 2 going on 3 years but it’s all up to you. I still have a lot to learn myself but the few things that I have learned I am happy to share with others that might not know.

  2. Whoot! New website! It looks fantastic!

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