Updated Bookmark image for Kickstarter

I finished the line-art for the bookmark I plan on having printed if the kickstarter is able to meet it’s goal.

I decided to go ahead and make the theme for the illustrations food based. So with this bookmark you see Oriana partaking of a yummy crepe with chocolate lightly drizzled on top and a scope of chocolate ice cream with whipped cream *which she plans on brushing to the side because she hates whipped cream* and yummy strawberries to top it all off. Of course you can’t really tell all of that is there right now but once I color it in then you’ll be able to ^^; *doesn’t this talk of food make you so hungry~*

Once I find a cool looking piece of food I like to help me think of a print idea then I’ll post that up as well. I already have a few set aside and I really want to include Jae-hwa and Oriana in with the prints….actually that’s exactly what I plan on doing so hope you guys can look forward to that.

Just as a side note I went ahead and added a plugin that will notify you if I responded to you’re comments. So no more wondering if I responded or not because more than likely I have and if I haven’t it’s probably because I don’t know what else to say and I don’t want to leave those awkward comments in place of the awkward silence that would have been there had we been talking face to face. Either awkward silence or I would have started laughing to calm my nerves down making things more awkward…….that’s all I guess….O.O…such an awkward way to end this…THE END

*that’s not any better.*

Okay that just reminded me of something a comedian said about how when you’re talking about something and you’ve come to the end of it and you don’t know how to end what you were saying so you just yell out “I’m Done now!” or “THE END!” I should try that with my sisters to see what they say if I end up with a run on sentence and then just yell out “THE END!” I’m done now….

Visual Novel Update! Rough Draft Sprite images

August 8, 2012

Bookmark and Print update*EDIT*

August 8, 2012