Bookmark and Print update*EDIT*

This isn’t my official weekly update. I plan on doing that with the updated spirit images later on today but I wanted to post up the WIP for the bookmark and art prints for my kickstarter.

So far I’m happy with how the bookmark is turning out. I decided to go ahead and finish up the food on the plate first then tackle everything else. What do you guys think? Does it make you hungry?
*Yea! I finally finished the bookmark! What do you guys think? I’m going to go work on Desirea’s sprite now and hopefully I can have at least the first pose finished and colored in. ^^;

Next is the rough draft of one out of two of the art prints. This print is showing Oriana dozing off on the set in between the scene changes and small breaks. Her body still hasn’t gotten used to the new time frame and with the busy schedule of a variety show actress the toll is hitting her pretty hard. Luckily Jae-hwa caught her before she clonked her head on the rail. I’m sure if she knew that she was leaning on someones shoulder right now she wouldn’t be to happy or calm. Oriana isn’t open to physical contact with a lot of people. Let’s hope for Jae-hwa sake she stays asleep a little longer and never finds out O.O

This angle was kind of tough for me because Oriana’s head is tilted back so you see under her chin. It’s still a work in progress so you perfectionist out there try to keep it together because I’m still working on it =.= Me and my on going battle with perspective and proportions.

Visual Novel Update:
I’ll be back later on in the day to update you all on the colored versions of the sprites. Since this is my game it’s my responsibility to do all of the art, story, coding and music searching and I have Cara as my help for proofreading and editing of the script, which takes a lot of time as well. So I hope that you can please bare with me, I don’t want to have you all wait too long for the release ^^; but with a  family of 5 responsibility and everything else things pop up but I do appreciate you’re understanding ^^. Once again I plan on posting up another update later today to show off the new colored sprites. It’s early in the morning right now and I need to head to get some sleep.~

Updated Bookmark image for Kickstarter

August 11, 2012

Weekly Update *Visual novel Word Count*

August 11, 2012

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  1. Hellooo~! I wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. xD You deserve it.

    • Awww~ Thank you! I have no idea what that is but it sounds fancy and important and I’ve never been nominated for anything but baking people cakes or drawing something ^^; I believe both times were by my sisters haha!

      • There’s a post about it on my blog, if you want more information. You don’t have to make your own post, since your blog isn’t really about that, but if you want to you can!

  2. The bookmarks are super cute! And dont rush every thing will come to you smoothly if you dont panic! Relax we will be still here. Good luck sensei! 🙂

    • Thank you Toshiro. I think just the pressure from the game development and lack of sleep and stress has me on edge a bit when it comes to keeping up with my deadline and schedule but I appreciate everyone being understanding and patience with me while I get all of this done ^^

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