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Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve updated the main blog post but I just wanted to give you all a head’s up that I am still here. I’ve been busy getting everything finalized for my kickstarter orders and convention material. I just sent the first book order off to the printers and I’m working on getting the second order finished and sent off to them as well. I’m so excited and nervous to get everything done in time for the convention! I’ll also be so happy to take a much needed break to focus on the kids and their homeschooling (which luckily for me starts in August so I don’t have to worry about my comic work getting in the way of me homeschooling my little ones ^^)
I still have a lot more that I want to talk about but I will save that for when I finish getting everything to the printers. Also I just want to thank all of you that have left such kind comments in the comment section. I’m so sad that I’m not able to respond to all of them right when I receive them but I do plan on sitting down and going back through my comments once I finish the rest of my work. I can do it! Two weeks left!! back to work for me~
Want to see my Patron illustration that I’ve been working on? It’s almost finished! It took me so long to get the base colors down and I think I’ll go back in and change a few values but I really like how it’s turning out ^^
Patron illustration baseAlso isn’t this new bookmark design so cute? =3 I really like how it turned out, the little hearts are going to have uv spot gloss added to the so that they pop out a little bit. I can’t wait to get these back from the printers and take pictures of them!


Volume 2 page 1 has been updated! Kickstarter update <3

June 3, 2014

Comic update and circle lense review (wha?)

June 3, 2014

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  1. I love your style of drawing, it very refreshing and inspiring to see that kind of design in comic form. And also, to what grade are you home schooling your kids and why are you home schooling your kids? I just recently subscribed to you, so I don’t know much information about you as am artist of personally.

    Warm Regards

    • Thank you for subscribing ^^ I plan on homeschool them as long as possible, probably for as long as they are living with us ^^; as to why I’m homeschooling them, there are a lot of reasons why and I wouldn’t want to make a long wall of words but I can at least give one reason which is that I can better cater to their educational needs. Each child learns things differently and since I’m a stay at home mom and they have home-school programs with lessons plans that will cater to the level that the child is at I would rather take care of handling their education myself with the materials given to me. Since I already know and understand my children’s though process and temperaments I think I would be a great teacher for them since I don’t have to re-learn how they are and how they might learn something. Are you possibly thinking about homeschooling your children (if you don’t have children then you can disregard my question ^^;)

      • Oh~~ I thought maybe that you were homeschooling your children because you lived in the middle of nowhere. I’m just a senior in high school, so I won’t be having children anytime soon. How far have you taught them?

        • I understand, my mistake ^^. Right now they’re 5 so they’ll be starting their first day soon. I’ll end up making blog post about this along the way ^^

        • Sweet! Can’t wait to read it~~ Keep up the good work!

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